Cloud services

Cloud services offer a more agile and cost-effective way of responding to the changing needs of business. Modern cloud platforms enable reliable and flexible services without major IT investments. There are various options available, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, and we will help you select the right services and technologies for your needs. We will support you at all stages of moving to the cloud platform from planning to continuous development and operating the services.

Modern cloud platforms provide various business benefits but they also require knowledge and a new way of thinking. Which platform you should select? How to operate your services? How to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud platform and the realisation of the benefits?

We will help you with the implementation of the world’s leading cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. We offer everything related to cloud from capacity to operating and management, reporting and analytics as well as DevOps expertise. We will work with you to develop your services continuously through our proactive approach and analytics. Our Solita CloudBlox® services help you to easily manage your public cloud environments and speed up new business and service development. Read more how to start your cloud journey and manage cloud services.

Competitive advantage from modern cloud operation

  • The cornerstones of our cloud services

    • Strong DevOps expertise creates a foundation for the automation of services
    • Cloud-native expertise in platforms and applications
    • Full transparency regarding service situation
    • Variable operating costs are minimised
    • Predictive analytics ensure the stability of services
  • Benefits for your business

    • Services are as disruption-free as possible
    • Quick recovery from disruptions
    • Competent, clear and efficient service support and development
    • Predictability of costs and savings
    • Experts who know your solutions are at your disposal

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