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Cloud Services are part of corporate digitalisation and the development of digital business. Cloud solutions allow the cost-efficient, flexible and scalable development of new services. We will help you discover the right solutions, tools and technologies for your needs, and ensure that you are able to use cloud services as part of your business. We offer AWS and Azure services, among others, and also provide turnkey operating services.

Our specialists will help you build the best solution for your business, from roadmaps and surveys to design and implementation. We offer you the cloud services, the related operating and management services, reporting and data science as well as DevOps expertise. We work with you to develop your services with the help of our inherently proactive operating model and predictive data science.

Cloud Buyers Guide

Our cloud and DevOps services

  • Cloud services

    We offer full service Amazon Web Services and Azure solutions and also operate services in Solita's Private Cloud or as hybrid solutions according to the customer’s needs. You will have easy access to the solution best suited for your needs. Our certified specialists and comprehensive tools ensure fully functional, available and secure services. With the help of predictive data science, we reduce unnecessary alarms and improve the quality and availability of the service. Efficient reporting and analysis as well as transparency will allow immediate reactions to any changes and issues.

  • Cloud consulting

    Cloud services enable new business models and ways of generating revenue, give a boost to how solutions are currently provided, and enable new business management methods. We will help you create a cloud strategy, identify new opportunities, plan the transformation to the cloud, develop your business model and implement changes.

  • DevOps

    DevOps automates the work related to the development, release and maintenance of software solutions. DevOps allows you to significantly reduce the work load resulting from repeated tasks such as testing and installation, and to cut the costs and delays caused by human errors. The quality and reliability of services will improve. Together with cloud services, DevOps allows the agile development of new services and business , and removes bottlenecks and inefficiency from the processes. We will help you to adopt DevOps methods, tools and continuous release operations, to build the necessary environments and to monitor and operate the systems.

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