Google Cloud Platform recognition for Solita’s cloud infrastructure expertise

Published12 May 2023

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Solita has been awarded Google’s Cloud Infrastructure Specialization recognition for the best possible expertise in building infrastructure and moving workloads to Google’s Cloud Platform.

Technology company Solita’s recent Google Cloud Infrastructure Specialization recognition has been preceded by a long-term partnership with Google. During that time, the company has worked on numerous significant cloud infrastructure services, such as financial and healthcare. A growing number of its employees have been certified as Google Cloud Platform experts.

As Google’s cloud platform partner, Solita aims to accelerate its customers’ opportunities to benefit from digital development, both commercially and in other ways.

The Google Cloud Infrastructure Specialization recognition strengthens Solita’s position as a pioneer in multi-cloud environments. More and more customers are seeking benefits from the opportunities offered by different cloud platforms. “Locking into one cloud platform doesn’t have to be an option dictated by necessity. Solita has long been developing multi-cloud expertise and its Solita CloudBlox service, which is used, e.g., in banks and among healthcare providers. Our secure and managed multi-cloud service now also receives a great vote of confidence from Google,” said Karri Lehtinen, who leads Solita’s Cloud Platforms unit.

Solita’s cloud infrastructure expertise can be seen in the company’s CloudBlox offering. Cloud and operational services development is complemented by Solita’s software development, data analytics, and integration service expertise. The Google Cloud Platform recognition proves the company’s even more robust ability to serve its customers broadly and flexibly. The recognition also deepens the partnership between Solita and Google.

“The advantage arising from cooperation is the strengthening of agility and an increase in understanding, especially in connection with modern development projects and their combination with a productized and high-level service. We complement traditional IT services by combining them with the right kind of technology, data, and human insight. I believe that Solita will become the largest Managed Services in Northern Europe Provider (MSP) operator”, commented Petja Venäläinen, Director of Solita Cloud Platforms.

In addition to Google, Solita also supports its customers in introducing, for example, Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud technologies and in the continuous development and operation of services.

Solita provides the services mentioned in the recognition, for example, to Terveystalo.

More information

Solita, Karri Lehtinen, Senior Vice President, Cloud Platforms, [email protected], +358 40 507 8474

Solita, Petja Venäläinen, Director, Sales, Cloud Platforms, [email protected], +358 40 581 5666

Solita, Antti Peltonen, Lead Cloud Architect, Google Cloud Platforms, [email protected], +358 44 758 2404

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