Lasse Girs to lead Generative AI at Solita

Published 12 Jun 2023

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Technology, data and design company Solita has appointed Lasse Girs as the head of its Generative AI competence unit. Solita’s Generative AI unit, which operates in six countries, will continue the company’s long-term work in data and artificial intelligence.

Lasse Girs took on the role of Head of Generative AI Enablement on 1 June. He has nearly 20 years of international experience in business data utilisation, in over a dozen industries and role descriptions. Girs returns to Solita from the role of Data Lead at Utopia Music. In that role, he worked on, for example, the impacts of artificial intelligence on music and art.

“Generative artificial intelligence may prove to be the most extensive and cutting-edge of all the data and artificial intelligence phenomena of recent years, revolutionising several industries. Thanks to his diverse experience and his vision of combining technology and art, Lasse is the right person to lead the experimentation and development of know-how related to the phenomenon, both in-house and with our customers. Companies are currently showing significant interest in the topic, as the most valuable and sustainable ways to utilise these new technologies are still emerging,” said Solita CEO Ossi Lindroos.

“Understanding the ongoing phenomenon and generating value from it requires significant interdisciplinary understanding, and right now, I can’t think of a better place for it than Solita. Our multi-talented community works internationally with customers of all shapes and sizes, and has a deep and practical understanding of human-machine interaction. When the idea of sustainable value creation is at the root of everything, and Solita’s culture favours curiosity and the sharing of knowledge, the conditions are definitely there,” said Solita’s Head of Generative AI Enablement Lasse Girs.

Solita’s Generative AI unit, will continue the company’s long-term work in data and artificial intelligence. The company already employs over 60 AI experts in Europe, whose work is supported internationally by a team of more than 600 Solita data experts.Solita has previously worked on artificial intelligence projects for numerous companies such as KONE, DNA, Coxa, Amer Sports, Patria and SmartEnergi. Solita has also invested in the responsible use of artificial intelligence and in training customer organisations on the subject.

Generative AI refers to the latest, content-generating AI solutions that are currently developing very rapidly. Currently, the most well-known applications of generative AI include ChatGPT, which creates language-based content; GitHub Copilot, which automates software development, and image production-focused Midjourney and DALL-E 2.

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