Solita’s new Head of Sustainable AI Anna Metsäranta: “Sustainable and responsible AI is sensible business”

Published 20 Apr 2022

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Solita has appointed Anna Metsäranta to lead new business surrounding the sustainable and responsible AI solutions. Company demand for developing the sustainability and responsibility of AI solutions keeps increasing. However, creating sustainable AI calls for a determinate effort by the organisation. “It is not only a question of ethical considerations but also successful, profitable business. The future success of companies and organisations depends on their ability to utilise their large investments in AI in a responsible and long-lasting manner while preparing for future regulations”, says Metsäranta.

The social impact of AI is contradictory. That is why we need much more and wider dialogue on the use of AI and its social impacts. For example, algorithms will not become neutral for as long as we train algorithms using data that reflects the biases and inequality of mankind.

“Investments in AI are gaining good momentum in Finnish businesses. Now, it is important to invest in the transparency and intelligibility of algorithms to ensure that experts can trust the solutions they use in their work. We should assess the transparency and intelligibility of certain AI solutions in a wider context, for example, from the perspective of customers or citizens”, says Anna Metsäranta, Solita’s new Head of Sustainable AI.

For years, Solita has been at the forefront of development and competence concerning AI solutions. Solita helps customers to build and introduce algorithm solutions that bring sustainable and responsible benefits for business and customers. Company demand for developing the sustainability and responsibility of AI solutions keeps increasing.

“Building sustainable AI does not happen by accident. We must dare to examine the possible effects of AI solutions on people and the environment. We also help our customers to build mechanisms to better control the AI solutions already in use”, emphasises Metsäranta.

Today, profitable business increasingly calls for solutions that stand the test of sustainability and social responsibility. Solita is involved in several projects that study the utilisation of AI, such as the AIGA project supported by Business Finland. With regard to AI solutions, Solita’s customers include Kone and Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement.

Anna Metsäranta, appointed as Solita’s Head of Sustainable AI, has more than 15 years of experience in the development of information systems and utilisation of multi-talented teams to solve complex problems. Previously, she has served as the Vice President of Digitalisation & Intelligent Automation at Nordea.

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