Modern and simple way of handling forest affairs

Case Solita and UPM: Modern and simple way of handling forest affairs

Forest owners are a central stakeholder group for UPM, a forestry company. We designed and built UPM’s new UPM Metsä service aimed at forest owners. Using the service, forest owners can manage their forestry plans, sales contracts and other forest affairs anytime, anywhere.

Forest owners are valued partners for UPM. Private persons own approximately 60 per cent of Finland’s productive woodlands and there are over 630,000 forest owners in Finland overall. UPM wishes to offer personal service for forest owners and support it with useful and modern digital services.

A modern and simple way of handling forest affairs

The routines of a forest owner are made easier by access to current and correct information regarding their forest resources. They also have the ability to monitor the execution of the forestry plan, the status and fulfilment of sales and service contracts, and their local contact person is now within easy reach.

The wood trade and forest property management are built on trust in experts, but the new digital service provides forest owners with a modern and simple way of handling their forest affairs at a convenient time – even from the living room sofa.

A reliable, up-to-date view of forest resources make quick checks easy and give a sense of security that the property is being looked after in the best possible manner.

By their very nature, digital services are always available, and they can be used to handle or initiate assignments regardless of time or location.

Forest owners included in service design

UPM’s cooperation with Solita started from a system overhaul, but developed by mutual decision into comprehensive service design driven by forest owners. By including the forest owners in the design work, we could ensure that the resulting services would be truly useful and easy to use.

In addition to service design, Solita has ensured the technical quality of the solution to make it powerful, secure and reliable.

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