Solita and ISS research project: How does GenAI change the future of software development?

Published 15 May 2024

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Technology company Solita and ISS, a leading facility management company, have initiated a groundbreaking generative AI project, where two independent teams simultaneously develop the same digital solution for a client company – one using modern, agile software development methods, and the other leveraging generative AI tools in all stages of digital service development. The project is one of the world’s first comparative studies in a real customer project. The purpose of the project is to identify broadly applicable areas for generative AI, explore them in practical business environments, compare different development approaches, and share the findings widely with companies and the technology community.

The European technology, data, and design company Solita and the international workplace experience and facility management company ISS’s ‘GenAI Twin project’ is a pioneering collaborative effort aimed at exploring the use of artificial intelligence in various stages of software development. The project assesses, among other things, the impact of AI on streamlining processes and improving output quality. Additionally, the project will result in a master’s thesis for the University of Turku.

The project aims to investigate the effects of AI in practice, including the effects on, for example, efficiency and quality, the expansion of IT professionals’ roles, the strategic integration of AI, and ethical considerations. The goal is to learn from the utilization of AI in software development projects in practice and share the findings openly.

Generative AI is transforming also the IT industry: Both breakthroughs and disappointments to be expected?

The generative AI is expected to bring significant changes to the IT industry and software development globally, among many other industries.

“The ‘GenAI Twin’ project by Solita and ISS is one of the world’s first customer projects where the results and lessons of using generative AI in software development are observed at a practical level: actions instead of words. Experimentation is the fastest way to learn. We are in the midst of a transformation that will significantly impact several industries and work globally,” commented Solita’s CEO, Ossi Lindroos.

“The development of AI is changing the world and represents a huge opportunity for ISS. However, the transition to an AI-assisted world must be managed and sustainable, ensuring that everyone can adapt to the changes. Only then can we truly reap the benefits of AI. Various projects help us identify comprehensively how AI can support business and employee experience. This project can contribute to both,” said Jenni Heinisuo, CIO of ISS Services.

“Generative AI continues its development trajectory at a staggering pace. Simultaneously, there is a competition underway among companies, governments, and even continents regarding which industries and applications can achieve the greatest practical benefits from its utilization. Our GenAI Twin project is rare even on a global scale, and we eagerly await the results of the project,” says Lasse Girs, Solita’s Head of Generative AI Enablement. “With the adoption of new models and AI tools, there will undoubtedly be both breakthroughs and disappointments. We want to openly communicate our observations along the way because it is important to have an open discussion on the topic.”

The project is scheduled to be completed by September. You can follow the project on Solita’s social media channels and website.

There is significant customer interest in generative AI, and Solita has invested resources in the development of generative AI to serve both customers and to continuously enhance the expertise of Solita employees in the field.

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