Solita increases investments in generative AI  

Published 01 Feb 2024

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Solita expands its GenAI competence unit into a GenAI Studio, encompassing a GenAI Lab focused on researching capabilities for practical, scalable, and sustainable AI. In addition to supporting Solita’s customers, the GenAI Studio will also drive Solita’s internal GenAI competency development and accelerate the company’s ability to solve the trickiest organizational and societal problems, across all of Europe, with the help of AI.

Generative artificial intelligence, based on large language models (LLM), is a recent and rapidly developing area of AI solutions that gained substantial global interest in 2023 and continues to be one of the top technology trends in 2024. To achieve business benefits from generative AI, organisations need holistic approaches, where technology expertise is combined with transformational capabilities, including e.g. people training and governance. 

Solita’s new GenAI Lab focuses on finding practical applications 

Solita established its GenAI competence unit in May 2023 to support the company’s already established, wide-ranging AI offering. To scale its capabilities, the company has now set up a GenAI Laboratory to explore new AI technologies to enhance practical, impactful implementations. Instead of testing extreme scenarios, Solita’s GenAI Lab focuses on real-life use cases and understanding which technologies fit the actual needs of Solita and its customers. The Gen AI Lab has already evaluated generative AI technologies from, for example, Microsoft, Google, and AWS, as well as tools from newer players such as OpenAI, HuggingFace, and Mistral AI.

In addition, GenAI Studio supports companies in assessing business opportunities and risks related to generative artificial intelligence, training and committing personnel to change and evaluating the effects of the evolving AI legislation.

GenAI sparks interest across private and public sectors 

Solita’s generative artificial intelligence customers include, for example, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland Kela, environmental technology company Tana, and Lederne, the Danish union for managers and executives. With 15+ years of experience in AI projects, Solita is well-equipped to work with large organisations in assessing business opportunities and risks related to generative AI and to drive related transformations. The company employs more than 2,000 experts in Europe, of which 800 are data professionals.  

“The demand for generative AI is global – the phenomenon is here to stay. Pilots were conducted last year at an accelerating pace, and in 2024 we will see more and more organizations on both the public and private side both testing new tools and finding real value from using AI. With the help of GenAI Studio, we are also driving our own AI initiatives forward”, said Solita CEO Ossi Lindroos.  

Generative AI cannot live up to all expectations, but a real transformation is already happening 

Generative AI has been predicted to change the way companies operate in many key processes in several industries in the next few years. It is expected to significantly enhance, for example, software development, customer service, business analytics, production of various contents, and personalization of digital services. Solita offers its customers concrete AI solutions, including e.g. LLM-based GenAI models, aiming for business growth, operational efficiency, and business transformation. 

“In 2024 our expectations for generative AI will be re-calibrated. We have already experienced the early disappointments and are adjusting our hopes and fears for the technology. At the same time, generative AI is increasingly accessible, and most companies have already piloted these new tools and we can already see the power and value of generative AI when used for the right, meaningful purposes”, said Lasse Girs, Head of Generative AI Enablement at Solita. 

Legislation regarding the utilization of artificial intelligence is developing rapidly in Europe. Staying informed on changes in legislation to ensure compliance, ethics, and sustainability of AI solutions will be an increasing priority for companies around the world. 

Seeking AI experts for GenAI Studio  

In building the GenAI Studio, Solita is now recruiting more experts in the fields of AI training, AI architectures, AI software, and AI legislation.  

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