Matti Karell to head Solita’s Agile Data Engine sales

Published20 Jun 2022

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Solita has appointed Matti Karell as head of sales of its Agile Data Engine unit. Focused on conquering the worldwide market of cloud-based data warehousing, the Agile Data Engine unit continues strong growth and investing in international expansion.

Matti Karell is a seasoned professional of leading the sales of various analytics, data and SaaS applications, as well as international responsibilities related to developing partnership channels. For example, he has held a variety of roles at IBM Cognos, SAP, Birst and most recently as the director responsible for Salesforce’s Manufacturing business area.

Drawn back to Solita’s culture and growth

Matti Karell has worked at Solita previously and is making his return after 12 years. During this time, the company has hired over a thousand new employees and now employs over 1,500 specialists in six countries.

“It’s been great to follow Solita’s journey of growth into an international corporation without them losing the culture of caring and trust. I’m excited by the challenge of Agile Data Engine’s internationalisation and helping to export the world-class innovations to the rest of the globe,” says Matti Karell, now working at Solita.

Accelerating enterprise-level data projects

“This was an easy position to get excited about, because Solita is a pioneer in its industry, and we can genuinely help companies get more out of their data development investments faster – from the first day onwards. The Agile Data Engine package has versatile tools and methods for automating data operations, not to mention strengthening the data culture,” says Karell.

The Agile Data Engine developed by Solita is a unique automated DataOps platform for the continuous development and operation of cloud data warehouses. In Finland, six of the ten largest publicly traded companies currently use an Agile Data Engine solution. For example, Business Finland, DNA, Fortum, Ponsse and S Group are among the current customers.

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Solita, Senior Vice President Sales, Agile Data Engine

Matti Karell, tel. +358 400 607 779, [email protected]