Commentor – a Solita Company wins tender for development of new eSyn

Published 21 Jun 2022

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Commentor – a Solita Company has won the tender for the renewal of eSyn. They have been chosen to build a modernised user interface on a completely new, future-proof IT foundation that ensures flexibility to meet future requirements and legislation in the field of vision. 

Commentor has partnered with the Danish Road Traffic Authority on eSyn for a complete redevelopment of the current solution. The main focus is to modernise the user interface to support the unique needs of the many types of users, while at the same time creating a modern API architecture and a modern technical foundation for the solution. This will make it easier and cheaper to continually adapt the solution to meet future regulatory requirements and the user needs that arise from them.

CEO Jesper Dan Christiansen is proud that Commentor has been selected as a partner and looks forward to the development work.

“It is truly a great recognition for us that we are allowed to develop such an important public solution. The requirement for future proofing allows us to use our expertise in a very exciting way, ensuring that the new eSyn can run the business in a modern, stable and cost effective way for many years to come”.

Commentor developed the new system from scratch rather than using standard software components, to meet the client’s desire for future-proofing based on the Danish Road Traffic Authority’s target architecture and focus on maintainability. This cost-effective solution makes eSyn vendor-independent and puts the Danish Road Traffic Authority in a better position when it has to run a tender process for eSyn in the future.

Agile workflow to ensure user-friendliness

eSyn has a very broad user base with very different usage patterns. From ordinary citizens who need to book an appointment once in a while, to vehicle inspectors and caseworkers who use eSyn as the core solution during in their work. To ensure an optimal and accessible experience for all users, representatives from each group are invited to participate in the agile solution and design process. The new eSyn is scheduled to go live next summer.

Henrik Munck Sauvr, Deputy Director General of the Danish Road Traffic Authority, is looking forward to a good and strong collaboration;

“After a formal tender and negotiation process, we have chosen Commentor as our supplier. They impressed us with their offer, an innovative solution and their approach to the task itself. We look forward to the collaboration – and not least to put the new eSyn to good use”. 

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