Solita founds new Agile Data Engine unit – international SaaS markets in focus

Published01 Mar 2022

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Solita, a Nordic technology, data and design company, is investing in the SaaS business and has established a new Agile Data Engine business unit. The company’s unique platform called Agile Data Engine is an automated DataOps cloud for continuous development and operations of cloud data warehouses. The aim is to facilitate international success stories of value creation with data.

As being data-driven is increasingly significant, data warehousing and data solutions have moved to the core of organisations’ IT architecture. Utilising data for critical business decisions has dramatically increased the need for real-time availability of quality data without sacrificing reliability and information security.

The lack of agility and the availability of experienced professionals are challenges that many large organisations face today. The unique Agile Data Engine developed by Solita enables the automation of the development and operations of cloud data warehouses. Now, Solita is establishing Agile Data Engine as a separate business unit aiming for international growth.

“Our main goal is to help businesses gain more value faster from their investments in data development – right from day one. Companies are already well aware of the value of data but now the biggest challenge is speed and agility: it may take months before a company can clearly demonstrate the value of the investment for business”, says Ossi Lindroos, CEO of Solita. “The Agile Data Engine developed by Solita is rocket fuel for data projects: an easy-to-implement product and operating model for quicker, more automated and more efficient data utilisation.”

“It is great that in the Nordics we can excel in developing front-runner software products in the international data market. Business-wise, establishing the Agile Data Engine as an independent business unit provides the team with a framework to develop their SaaS business with an entrepreneurial spirit, guided by a strong vision”, continues Lindroos.

Aiming for a global export product

Solita has been developing DataOps tools and operating models with large-scale companies and public sector organisations for more than five years. The time has come to introduce Agile Data Engine to the world. Already used by several of Solita’s customers, there is great growth potential, especially in Northern and Central Europe.

“In software development, though the DevOps concept and tools meet the needs of continuous delivery, they are not a perfect solution for data engineering. We created Agile Data Engine to meet this need, and it has received high praise from both domestic and international customers. Customers find the product truly unique”, says Pasi Jalonen, Business Director of the new Agile Data Engine unit.

DataOps platform favoured by large-scale companies

Solita Agile Data Engine already has customers in the Nordic countries and elsewhere in Europe, including e.g. ISS, Skandia, Business Finland, DNA, Fortum, Ponsse and S Group. In Finland, six out of the top ten publicly listed companies currently use the Agile Data Engine developed by Solita.

Cloud-native from the start, Agile Data Engine is a low-code platform that automates the development and operations of data warehouses, enabling continuous delivery from continuously flowing data. What makes Agile Data Engine unique is its comprehensiveness – it combines and automates several core functionalities instead of having to build them separately.

New features have been and are being developed based on the actual needs of data experts and customers. The product is compatible with AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud environments and supports Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Azure Synapse SQL, Azure SQL Database and Google BigQuery database technologies.

“At the moment, there is a high and growing demand for the Agile Data Engine DataOps cloud both among Solita’s customers and other companies in and outside the borders of Finland. In addition to supporting the continuity and continuous development of our customers’ business, we want to lower the threshold for aspiring data experts. We enable them to develop world-class data solutions by providing the best tools to support their daily work”, says Pasi Jalonen.

More information:

Ossi Lindroos, Solita’s CEO, tel. +358 40 750 7637, [email protected]

Pasi Jalonen, Business Director, Agile Data Engine, Solita, tel. +358 40 584 4076, [email protected]

Agile Data Engine (ADE) is an automated DataOps cloud developed by the technology company Solita for the continuous development and operations of cloud data warehouses. From day one, Agile Data Engine ensures the high delivery capability of data solutions and helps them to adapt to the constantly changing operating and business environment. Read more