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People don’t want to waste their time on services, but want to live a good life. That’s why digital social services must be people-centered, equitable, accessible, transparent, and reliable. 

We believe that preserving our welfare state requires the development of digital services and the targeting of human services to the people that need them.

We have decades of experience in making critical systems in public administrations reliable and easy to use.

How can we help Our key themes

Services for all people

For us, user-centricity is an important part of a safe and secure ICT environment.

The services we develop emphasize ease of use, security and customer understanding as priority. After that, technological dilemmas are easy to solve.

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Critical systems running the world

Ensuring operational reliability is a matter of pride to us!

We build critical systems that are in the heart of our nation’s operability.

Registers and databases in the core of the society

We need reliable, secure registers, databases and up-to-date information that safeguards life, property and safety.

High-quality registers improve the quality and versatility of data.

Succeeding with our clients

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Case Kela Kela – The Social Insurance Institution of Finland Significant opportunities for Kela through AI 
This is an incredibly significant project both for us and our society.

Ville Nore Head of Innovation & Growth, Kela

Case Solita and Istekki: Three wellbeing services counties implemented a common data pool solution
Istekki Three wellbeing services counties implemented a common data pool solution – for the benefit of the taxpayer
My image of Solita is that they are highly skilled and professional, and I know I can trust them to deliver what we have agreed.

Antti Koskinen Group Manager, Istekki

Case Solita and Business Finland: Modern data platform helps Finnish companies grow and internationalise Business Finland Modern data platform helps Finnish companies grow and internationalise
The work was seamless, and the project was successful. Solita employees are competent and skilled. IT projects sometimes go awry, but in this case, all went according to plan: we achieved the targets and have a good foundation for the future.

Pekka Pajuoja CIO, Business Finland

Fimea Updating Finnish pharmaceutical data
Case Solita and Fimea: Updating Finnish pharmaceutical data
The reforms have enabled us to implement new systems in an agile way. The cooperation with Solita has been exceptionally smooth. The team has worked really seamlessly together, and the industry expertise of Solita’s employees has been impressive. Trust between operators has grown continuously, which has enabled agile practices in a demanding industry.

Joonas Tuominen IT Development Manager, Fimea

How to create new services Our ways of working

  • User in the middle

    Satisfied user is the best measure.
  • Domain expertise

     Millions of expert hours for digital society .
  • Tech stack fitted for the need

    – not the other way around
  • Long & supported lifecycle

    Reliable services for years to come
  • Build-in compliance

     Regulation, security requirements, etc.
  • Collaborative ways of working

    You’ll love working with us!

Future-proof digital society

Social impact determines the value of services. Only services that bring value to people create economic impact. Effective digital services that reach a sufficient number of people will enable society to continue to provide face-to-face physical encounters, as the working age population declines.

Proactive digital services using artificial intelligence and automation will streamline society. AI is evolving by leaps and bounds. The role of AI and automation in making overall processes smoother and more efficient will continue to grow. Understanding societal processes and the industry will determine the purposes for which services harness AI and automation. 

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