Solita to supply a new national visa system to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Published 03 Jul 2018

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The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs has selected Solita as the supplier of a new visa system. The decision was made in May, and the implementation of the new system began in June. The system will be used by the authorities, as well as visa applicants around the world. Around 1 million visa applications per year are processed through the current system. The system is also subject to the requirements of the European Union and the Schengen Area.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence

The requirements of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs included a device- and technology-independent solution. In addition to agile software development, the project will include components related to artificial intelligence and machine learning in the future. Information security plays a key role in the project in all respects. Operational qualities and efficiency will also be improved.

Smoother processing and services

Once completed, the new system will improve usability, accelerate operations and improve efficiency with regard to the submission and processing of applications, as well as decision-making. The authorities will receive real-time information about applications and their processing and applications pending in various locations. For travellers, the new system means an easier visa application process. When filing their application, the applicant can also make an appointment for submitting the necessary attachments and providing their biometric data.

Travelling to and from Finland

The new system will be integrated into numerous official systems in Finland and the rest of the Schengen Area. The Schengen Area consists of 26 European countries, which have no travel restrictions or border controls between them. The area has a common visa policy, meaning that it operates in the same manner as an individual country.

Solita accelerates digitalisation in Finland

“Smoother travelling calls for a solution that offers excellent usability, efficiency and extreme reliability. Solita works to promote easy-to-use services, free movement and safe societies. The visa system project is a great opportunity to further this purpose,” says Lauri Helenius, Director, Public Business at Solita.

“The Ministry for Foreign Affairs aims to build the world’s best visa information system, measured by multiple indicators, in cooperation with its stakeholders and the new supplier. The new system makes use of new technologies and solutions in line with trends and future visions based on experiences gained of the previous system and studies about current operations,” says Mikko Nenonen, Project Manager at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

For more information:

Lauri Helenius, Director, Public Business, Solita Oy

[email protected], tel. +358 40 5294 354

Mikko Nenonen, Project Manager, Information and Documentation Unit, The Ministry for Foreign Affairs

[email protected], tel. +358 29 923 1920

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