Online services and e-commerce

Digitalisation has brought great changes to commerce and service structures. Customer service and sales take place in multiple channels as the customer experience reaches from the internet and social media to the bricks-and-mortar shop. Your company's online services, online shop and customer service must mesh seamlessly when it comes to personnel, processes and tools. The care put into bettering the customer experience will create true added value for end users – and commercial success. We will be your guide to a multi-channel and user-oriented digital world. We have already shown the way for such names as Alko, Metso and Motoral.

Solita online service and e-commerce solutions

We offer tailored expert services for building multi-channel online services and online shops. Whether your goal is a captivating B2C or B2B online shop, better government service, a more functional intranet or product information management (PIM), we can help you design and create customer-oriented solutions from the ground up; from strategy and service design to technical implementation, including integration, analytical solutions, cloud services and maintenance. Solita was awarded the title of the best B2B service in the Grand One 2015 competition.

Our agile methods ensure quick stages of development, a customer-oriented approach and the fulfilment of business goals. You will get a quick start with us, for example through the Solita Spark method, where we will clarify thoughts, define the target state for the business and create a preliminary development path for your services. We segment, simplify and measure actions with a culture of experimentation. Our solutions utilise leading technology, such as EpiServer, eCom, inRiver PIM, Liferay, Google, Microsoft Azure, Amazon (AWS), Mule ESB, Microsoft BizTalk and Oracle. We will help you build multiple channels into a competitive advantage.

  • Online services

    Provide excellent service and customer experience online.

    • Get more out of your time by optimising your content production.
    • Enhance sales through targeted and personalised content.
    • Create a uniform, device-independent brand image.
    • Guarantee swift service through automated functions.
  • E-commerce

    Create an easy-to-use, reliable, intelligent and effective online shop.

    • Use smart and automated product and service targeting.
    • Ensure efficient product information management and utilisation.
    • Increase process transparency and speed.
    • Create a compelling and straightforward user experience.
  • Design services

    Design seamless, user-centric, multi-channel service experience.

    • Clarify your service offering.
    • Create an intuitive, rewarding and user-oriented customer experience.
    • Take concrete measurements of the results and success.
    • Build your online service and shop through a culture of experimentation – create true added value for the end user.
  • Search solutions

    Utilise data effectively and help to create better user experience.

    • Build the foundation for effective working throughout your organisation.
    • Optimise work hours through the discoverability of information.
    • Utilise your organisation’s existing data and make fact-based decisions.
    • Ensure a quick and pleasant way to navigate.
    • Understand your end users through search analytics.