Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation

The purpose of search engine optimisation is to enhance site visibility in organic search engine results and to increase the volume of high-quality site traffic and conversions. This requires both technical and site content related measures.

Above all, search engine optimisation is about understanding site user behaviour and helping search engine bots better understand site content. For a website to be discovered by new users and customers via a search engine, site content must respond to customer needs and site structure must be clear and easy to navigate. Our experts will help you overcome any challenges and develop SEO efficiently and flexibly.

Why invest in SEO?

  1. Improved site (investment) profit margins
  2. High-quality site traffic and conversions
  3. Improved user commitment with high-quality and unique content
  4. Enhanced customer experience with an efficient and improved site structure
  5. Transferring the achieved benefits into a new solution during site migration

Improved search engine visibility with SEO

Our experts work in close collaboration with the technical development team, content producers, and your business operations, while increasing the skills and knowledge base of your company. SEO consultants are responsible for site indexing and search engine visibility both technically and with respect to site content. All development proposals are based on data.

Continuous SEO helps ensure that your site remains optimally visible to search engines as your site’s structure evolves and as Google adapts its search algorithms. Prioritised development proposals to developers and content producers boost the volume of high-quality site traffic and your site’s visibility in search engines.

Elements of high-quality SEO

While we emphasise the following elements in high-quality SEO, the overall requirements can vary depending on client needs.

Solita SEO services

SEO audit

Both building a new site and developing an existing one should begin with a thorough assessment of the current situation. An SEO audit will produce a comprehensive picture on the current situation and any bottlenecks, as well as provide development proposals for improving search engine visibility. An SEO audit will answer the following questions:

  • How is the site indexed at the moment, and what is the site’s visibility in search engines?
  • What is the site’s visibility compared with competitors?
  • What technical features and site content should be improved to enhance search engine visibility?

An SEO audit will provide your business with a solid foundation and a roadmap for SEO development.

Some of the tools we employ for SEO:

  • Google Analytics – Content functionality and site traffic analysis
  • Google Search Console – Site indexing status and development
  • Screaming Frog – Site crawling
  • Ahrefs – Link analysis
  • Advance Web Ranking – Search result ranking reports
  • Optimising a website for improved search engine visibility

SEO requires close collaboration between key stakeholders such as the client business, developers, designers, and SEO consultants. When developing new services and websites, the potential in terms of visibility and indexing should be maximised from the start. It can be expensive to optimise an existing site for search engine visibility. Solita’s diverse team of experts will help you overcome any challenges and develop your service efficiently and flexibly.

  • Benefit from our wide range of skills and experience with SEO, design, data, and web service development.
  • Our close collaboration with developers and design experts allows us to react quickly and prioritise.
  • We value good communication between the client business, marketing, and sales.