Data-driven business

Make your business data-driven

Data-driven business - Enough talk about data and analytics. It's time for results.

  • Data-driven business roadmap

    Define and prioritise the key actions needed to deploy your data strategy across all key areas, including data assets, technologies, algorithms, skills, ways of working, culture, leadership, and organisation.

  • Data strategy and vision

    Create a shared vision for the role of data and analytics in your strategy and business model, and define your primary objectives for using data to drive value. Read more about data strategy

  • Data-driven service concepts and business models

    Ensure that your new data-driven service concepts deliver business impact and customer value with the help of our data expertise, business design, customer insight, and service design.

  • AI masterclass

    We will help your leadership team see through the hype and understand how Artificial Intelligence can create strategic value for your business. Read more

  • Data academy

    We will speed up your transformation to a data-driven business by teaching key people across your organisation data literacy and the necessary elements of creating value with data and analytics.

  • Interim chief data officer

    Becoming data-driven requires a profound transformation of your organisation and business. We have experienced leaders who can help you succeed in this transformation with their expertise in data, business, development, and organisational change.

Technology is easy. Culture is hard. We can help you succeed.

Developing data assets, technologies and algorithms is easy when you have a competent partner, but that alone is not enough. Becoming truly data-driven company requires a holistic approach to developing your skills, ways of working, organisation, leadership, and culture. And to glue it all together, you need a clear vision of how data will create sustainable value for your business and your customers.

We at Solita have deep experience in all these areas. We can help your organisation find the best ways to benefit from data. Together, we will discover the value that data can deliver for you, plan and implement the necessary actions, and make your business data-driven.


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Data-driven guide

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