Guide How to solve the puzzle of data-driven business

The importance and value of data are on every organization’s agenda. Becoming data-driven and using data wisely can create a significant competitive advantage.

Based on years of multidisciplinary experience working with 300+ organizations, we at Solita have developed a method that enables businesses to recognize the data-driven puzzle pieces necessary to build a strong foundation for their organization to grow sustainably data-driven.

Read how our 9 piece puzzle can help your organization to drive change and get more value out of data.

Data-driven business guide

Data-driven business is not only about technology

  • Everyone is on a data journey already – what does your look like?
  • Companies with a data strategy have the edge over the competition – do you?
  • Avoid the known pitfalls – what do you need to know?

In this guide, we will introduce a 9 piece puzzle to help you become a data-driven organization. Being data-driven is not only about technology – you need a clear vision, new ways of working, new expertise. Learn what the pieces are and how they need to fit together. You will get practical tips and insight to move forward on your data journey.


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