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Solita X Nokian Tyres 

The tyre industry is developing rapidly. The large-scale strategic partnership between Nokian Tyres and Solita has continued for more than two decades and has helped Nokian Tyres respond to changing requirements in the markets using modern technologies. This is a unique partnership in which business and technologies interact.   

Nokian Tyres
What we did
Integrations and APIs, Reporting and analytics, Master data management, Cloud solutions, eCommerce, Software development, Miniservices, Architecture
Selected outcomes
01 To the top of the industry through the clouds 02 Modern integration architecture ensures efficiency 03 When the world rattles, cooperation continues
Our long-term partnership with Solita has provided continuity, efficiency, and security in changing markets. Understanding the customer’s needs and having mutual trust are keys to success, as this partnership shows.

Frans Westerlund CIO, Nokian Tyres

To the top of the industry through the clouds

Nokian Tyres has significantly increased its cloud capabilities for several years now because it wants to respond to the changing requirements of the tyre business and its customers and partners. Solita has played an important long-term role in the development, maintenance and operation of Nokian Tyres’ services – now also significantly in cloud services.

To maintain and develop competitiveness, high-quality data must be available in the right place and at the right time, and automation must be used extensively. For example, Solita’s Agile Data Engine has been key in automating cloud data warehouses. Solita has been developing a data platform for Nokian Tyres for five years by using Microsoft’s Azure and Snowflake cloud technology. 

As a result of seamless long-term cooperation, Nokian Tyres’ current cloud capabilities are top of the line, enabling scalable services for the company and its customers, partners and distributors, as well as more efficient and automated operations. 

“The shift to cloud services has enabled more rapid responses to changing business needs and made the development and maintenance of services more effective. Solita has been a trusted partner on this path”, told Ari Huttunen, ICT Director, Nokian Tyres.

“By using modern technologies and a skilled partner, we’ve been able to focus on what is essential: reliable data-based reporting and analytics that support decision-making every single day,” continues Matti Eskola, IT Manager, Nokian Tyres.

Modern integration architecture ensures efficiency 

The effective use and distribution of data is an essential part of successful tyre operations from the perspectives of production, the supply chain, sales and customer service.  

Supported by Solita, Nokian Tyres deployed the modern MuleSoft integration platform. 

Point-to-point integrations will be a thing of the past when the tyre company sets its course for API-driven architecture. APIs of various uses will be easily available at Nokian Tyres as they are needed, both internally and for the company’s customers and partners. The new architecture will also improve the availability and usability of data – the foundation based on which business is developed and grown and on top of which future services are built is solid and reliable. 

“Nokian Tyres’ modern API-driven integration architecture accelerates application development, reduces the siloing of data, maximises the reusability of integration, and can be scaled according to business growth. Solita has supported this change successfully, ranging from the specification of the modern integration architecture all the way to its implementation”, says Tuomas Suni, Enterprise Architect, Nokian Tyres.

“It’s been a pleasure to help to define, design and build integration solutions for Nokian Tyres. Cooperation between our teams has been open and effective. We’ve already seen the advantages of reusable APIs and the scalability of the solution and cannot wait to develop our partnership even further, says Jussi Koivumäki, Project Manager, Solita.

Nokian Tyres will receive significant business benefits from this integration partnership. 

The company’s ability to respond to the needs of its customers and also to its internal needs will increase, and the efficiency of the supply chain and service production will improve. 

This supports the development of sustainable business and improves the customer experience in Nokian Tyres’ services.   

It’s been a pleasure to lead the integration team at Nokian Tyres, as we’ve been able to depend on Solita’s expertise. In addition to receiving guidance, we’ve experienced an excellent team spirit that shines in everything Solita does. Flexibility and scalability in building MuleSoft have been simply excellent, even when fulfilling the wishes of Nokian Tyres’ most demanding customers.

Anne-Mari Pohjanlehto-Moisio IT Manager, Nokian Tyres

We are proud of being able to help define, design and build integration solutions for Nokian Tyres. Cooperation between our teams has been open and effective.

Jussi Koivumäki Project Manager, Solita

Nokian Tyres
Photo by ©Nokian Tyres
Nokian Tyres
Photo by ©Nokian Tyres
Nokian Tyres
Photo by ©Nokian Tyres

When the world rattles, cooperation continues

Safety, sustainability and predictability are the key driving forces behind the operations of Nokian Tyres. The long-term strategic partnership between Solita and the premium tyre manufacturer Nokian Tyres enables systematic business development in line with the principles of sustainable development. The partnership is based on a straightforward roadmap, which leads the way towards modern sustainable tyre business.  

Along the journey of the partners, the tyre industry has been rattled in recent years by the coronavirus pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

The deep mutual trust between Nokian Tyres and Solita, and our expertise in the industry have been the cornerstones of the partnership amidst global changes. 

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Nokian Tyres, from building new capabilities to taking care of existing solutions at different stages of their lifecycle. Trust, partnership and a customer-driven approach have been the driving forces of our more than 20 years of cooperation”, says Tuomas Räsänen, Account Director, Solita.

The long-term partnership has covered a broad range of applications from data platforms to integration, software development and cloud solutions. The strong partnership, combined with the use of modern technologies, has helped Nokian Tyres change its course and implement its current growth strategy effectively.   

Our cooperation with Solita has been open and committed, with the customer’s interests always coming first. Deep mutual trust and a long-term partnership form the backbone of sustainable and effective solutions of the future.

Petra Munnukka Program Director, Nokian Tyres

Key takeaways

  1. To the top of the industry through the clouds 

    Modern cloud capabilities enable effective and largely automated operations, on top of which reliable and scalable services can be built.

  2. Modern integration architecture ensures efficiency 

    An API-driven architecture and the distribution of data play a key role in Nokian Tyres’ ability to respond to its internal needs and those of its customers and partners in changing markets.

  3. When the world rattles, cooperation continues 

    Long-term cooperation enables an in-depth understanding of business and its needs, as well as a confidential partnership. 

About Nokian Tyres
Nokian Tyres develops and manufactures premium tires for people who value safety, sustainability and predictability. Our purpose is to empower the world to drive smarter. Inspired by our Scandinavian heritage, we craft innovative products for passenger cars, trucks and heavy machinery that give you peace of mind in all driving conditions. Our Vianor chain provides tire and car services. In 2022, our segments net sales totaled EUR 1,350 million. At the end of 2022 we employed some 3,300 professionals. Nokian Tyres is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.

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