Sparks and Solita to join their modern data forces

Published22 May 2019

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Nordic digital transformation consultancy Solita announces the acquisition of the Swedish data consultancy Sparks AB. The acquisition will strengthen Solita’s market position and presence in Sweden and is aligned with the company’s strategy to build the leading Nordic digital transformation agency with cutting-edge data capabilities. After the merger with Sparks, Solita will employ over 820 technology, data, strategy and service design professionals globally.

Solita today announced it will acquire the entire share capital of Sparks, which will become part of the Solita group of companies. The transaction is expected to close soon.

Sparks is a cutting edge consultancy that focuses on enabling success with data and analytics. Together Solita and Sparks will create the leading Nordic data consultancy to help companies build data-driven new business, automate their operations based on data and use data to predict customer needs. The Stockholm-based data consultancy Sparks’ net sales in 2018/19 amounted to EUR 3,1 million (SEK 32,2 million). Sparks was founded in 2012 by Linda Borelius, Stefan Danermark, Björn Olofsson and Vilhelm Möllerberg.

Sparks has about 70 active customers ranging from the largest companies in Sweden to the hottest startups in Stockholm. Sparks’ technology partners include Tableau, Snowflake, AWS, Microsoft, Matillion, Alteryx and Planacy.

”We are very happy to have found a great match in Sparks, both from the point of view of company culture as well as strong customer focus. Together, we can serve our Sweden-based customers better and with a wider scope,” commented Solita’s CEO Jari Niska. Solita’s customers include Assa Abloy, Amer Sports, Finnair, Fortum, Scania and Skanska.

”Sparks’ passion is to help companies to get smarter using data. Both Solita and Sparks have passionate, highly skilled professionals and similar company cultures, which forms the right foundation for our future success in the Swedish market” commented CEO Linda Borelius, one of the founding members of Sparks. “The demand for data solutions will continue to grow. Solita’s strategy, technology, integration and cloud expertise combined with our versatile data competence will ensure our position as forerunners in modern, cloud-based data solutions in the Nordics, making us a strong partner for any organization wanting to build data-driven business capabilities.”

Solita has two offices in Sweden, including Stockholm and Gothenburg. In addition to the Swedish offices, the company is based in Finland, Estonia and Germany. Together with Sparks, Solita will employ over 820 professionals.

Sparks will continue to operate with its current name until 2020.

For more information:

Solita Group, CEO Jari Niska, tel. +358 40 5246 400, [email protected]

Sparks AB, CEO Linda Borelius, tel. +46 (0)76-8882824, [email protected]

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