Solita launched the CloudBlox solution to help companies on their journey to the cloud

Published 10 Nov 2020

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Solita, a technology, data and design company, has launched the Solita CloudBlox service solution to help companies manage cloud environments and utilise them more effectively. As various cloud services have become more popular, the management of their costs and data security has proven problematic for many companies. The Solita CloudBlox services help companies to better manage their complex multi-cloud environment, as well as its capacity, costs and data security.

Digitalisation, cost-efficiency and constantly growing need for changing fast have encouraged companies to flexibly use various cloud services, such as the AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platforms. Still, the management of costs and data security of cloud services, for example, has proven more challenging than many of the companies expected. Companies also have difficulties in recruiting the cloud specialists they need. Modular Solita CloudBlox helps clarify the operating models and makes the management of cloud environments more efficient. It has been designed to scale according to the company’s needs, size and required cloud expertise.

“The work we have done together with our customers on several cloud projects has given us more insight on how to manage cloud services efficiently, securely and flexibly. Solita CloudBlox is developed based on the needs and concerns of our customer companies. I believe that the service solution will be the desired answer to our customers’ questions relating to cloud service management and its effective use”, says Jari Jolula, Director of Cloud Services at Solita.

Solita CloudBlox simplifies the management of cloud environments

Solita CloudBlox service solution makes the management of operating costs and data security of a public cloud platform more transparent and easier to optimise. This improved manageability and predictability of cloud environments together with the standardised operating models and tools provided via the Solita CloudBlox service solution also make it quicker to start new business development and digital services projects.

“The cloud journey has been more difficult than many companies expected – it might have required a lot more time and money than planned. We wanted to combine our proven experiences from various cloud service providers’ environments and to create clear operating models to support our customer companies’ journey towards more thorough, safer and more efficient use of cloud services”, says Jolula.

Tamro, for example, has been using the Solita CloudBlox service. Their experiences have been positive.

The technology company Solita is rapidly growing and expanding internationally. The cloud service business is the company’s most rapidly growing business area. In accordance with Eurostat statistics, Finland was the number one country in Europe in 2019 in terms of using cloud services. Paid cloud services were used by 74 per cent of Finnish companies. Gartner estimated in November 2019 that the value of global public cloud service market was 227.8 billion dollars.

“Many Finnish companies are well under way in their cloud transformation. For some of the companies, on the other hand, this extensive transfer to a public cloud platform is yet to come over the next few years”, says Jari Jolula from Solita.

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Jari Jolula, Solita Oy, Director – Cloud Services, +358 40 596 9518, [email protected]

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