Solita is building everyday tools for EU citizens to combat climate change

Published 03 Feb 2022

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Technology, data and design company Solita has been chosen as a technology and service design partner for Positive and Sustainable Lifestyle (PS Lifestyle), a joint European project which aims to provide millions of Europeans with tools to slow down and combat climate change through technology. The project will run until 2025, and it also aims to build the largest consumer database in Europe including people’s interests and practices to support the fight against climate change.

Led by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, the PS Lifestyle consortium is part of the EU’s Green Deal programme. A total of 16 international partners from eight countries will develop a set of everyday services for EU citizens to combat climate change. Nordic technology, data and design company Solita is responsible for the project’s technological implementation, design, maintenance and service design.

The project’s ambitious goal is to encourage millions of Europeans to make more sustainable lifestyle choices to promote carbon neutrality in Europe.

“This is a project with global significance which focuses on the carbon footprint and choices of ordinary citizens. We are looking for ways to motivate and encourage different kinds of people. It is a huge international effort that concretely demonstrates to individuals how your actions and choices can affect even larger issues,” says Olli Lindroos who focuses on the development of sustainable business at Solita.

Towards better everyday choices

A locally tailored set of services helps citizens to plan a sustainable lifestyle that suits them. Based on service user experience, companies and decision-makers obtain anonymous data on the goals, motives and wishes that people have about a sustainable lifestyle. The project aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 0.5 million tonnes.

“The EU-wide database created in the project aims to provide researchers and decision-makers with information on consumer behaviour related to a sustainable lifestyle while paying close attention to information security and data protection issues. For example, when we identify the most polluting daily activities in Europe, we can utilise politics and research as well as practical service design to build a more sustainable lifestyle,” says Lindroos.

Combating climate change is a common challenge for every citizen.

“Climate change affects us all, and all of us can also affect it through our lifestyle. Eating, housing, transport and shopping behaviour are examples of everyday activities that affect the future of our climate,” says Lindroos.

Through the project, we want to learn about people’s behaviour and understand new ways to reduce the carbon footprint. In Western countries, citizens account for approximately 70% of greenhouse gas emissions. To reach the carbon neutrality targets they have set for themselves, as well as international climate goals, many countries need significant emission reductions.

Previously, Solita has contributed to developing, for example, Sitra’s motivation profiles for sustainable lifestyle and S Group’s Omat ostot application.

Horizon 2020 Framework Programme

Building a low-carbon, climate resilient future: Research and innovation in support of the European Green Deal (H2020-LC-GD-2020)

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