Solita invests in software development in Sweden

Published08 Dec 2022

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Solita, a Nordic technology, data and design company, continues strong growth in Sweden. One of the biggest software development companies in Finland, Solita now announced to be investing in its software development capabilities also in Sweden. The company has founded a new Development unit in Sweden.

Solita has continued steady growth despite the Covid19 pandemic followed by an economic downturn. Currently Solita employs over 1,600 professionals of software development, strategic consulting, service design, cloud, integrations as well as AI and data analytics in 6 countries. With nearly 450 software developers, Solita is one of the biggest software development communities in the Nordics. Now the company has founded a Development unit also in Sweden.

The demand for tailored, design driven software development solutions is currently strong. Specializing in modern custom software development and intelligent, data-driven solutions, Solita helps its clients by, for example, modernizing and creating complex business systems, creating data platform solutions, as well as building infrastructure management systems, digital sales solutions, user-friendly mobile solutions and new service concept development and experiments both in the private and public sector.

“We want to be the best employer for software developers also in Sweden. Solita invests a lot in the well-being and continuous learning of Solitans. We are a technology-agnostic software development company, offering a wide array of skill sets related to technologies such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, OutSystems as well, Java, Clojure and React”, commented Antti Kinnunen who is heading the Swedish software development operations.

Solita’s clients in Sweden include for example Socialstyrelsen and Inera. Earlier this year, Solita signed a SEK 2.7 billion framework agreement with Inera, along with seven other players. The contract will cover the majority of Inera’s services, including key national services such as the 1177 (1177 Care Guide). The agreement will extend over several years.

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