Solita invests in Defence & Security domain

Published04 Oct 2022

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The technology, data and design company Solita has established a new Defence & Security competence unit. Solita serves a wide range of customers who require safety-critical solutions. The company has also been involved in NATO’s artificial intelligence working group and developing Patria’s data capability.

“Solutions and challenging projects that require security and operational reliability have always been at the core of Solita, as our customers include companies responsible for food production, health services, transport and telecommunication connections, as well as providers of critical public services, including defence. For our part, we want to bear responsibility for the overall safety of society, and investing in our defence and security capabilities is a natural way for us to utilize our developed know-how,” commented Solita CEO Ossi Lindroos.

Solita’s Defence & Security business is built around Solita’s strong data expertise which includes advanced analytics capabilities, bespoke artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions such as predictive maintenance applications, and secure data solutions. Solita’s expertise in combining human understanding and technology helps to manage the information environment. By understanding and analyzing the interaction between people and communities, it is possible to react more effectively to, for example, the effects of hostile fake news.

Sustainability and responsibility are important themes in the defence and security industry, and their importance will continue to grow as new capabilities blur the clear boundaries of conflicts. Solita is contributing to the responsible use of technology, for example by bringing our sustainable AI expertise into NATO’s working group on the future of artificial intelligence in military operations.

Digitalisation requires culture transformation – also in defence and security

“The digitalisation of the defence and security industry creates new capabilities, but extensive expertise is needed to develop them. It is important for us to bring human centred design into the industry,” commented Janne Niinivaara, Solita’s Head of Defence and Security. “Digital solutions are only a small part of digitalisation. An improved ability to react to the challenges of the future operating environment can only be achieved through a change in culture and operating methods. Solita’s extensive experience and know-how as well as modern working methods make us a strong partner for customers that want to dynamically utilise the best solutions from different industries and civil technologies.”

Solita is also one of the founding members of the Digital Defence Ecosystem program supported by Business Finland. The program creates significant new business in the defence and security sector by connecting companies and research institutes at the forefront of defence, security and civilian technologies, with a particular focus on digital solutions. DDE actively participates in the latest EU and NATO defence industry initiatives, national locomotive projects and networks internationally.

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