Solita becomes Snowflake Elite service partner

Published 25 Apr 2022

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Technology, data and design company Solita has become the first company in the Nordic countries, Belgium and Estonia to receive the highest-level Snowflake Elite service partner recognition. The rare acknowledgement is given to Solita based on the company’s extensive and high-quality data solutions expertise, successful, enterprise-level customer solutions and the scale of the cloud-based data business. 

Solita and Snowflake have been collaborating since 2017, with the common goal of helping companies leverage data more efficiently. Solita’s customers include companies such as Ponsse, DNA (part of Telenor), Fortum and Finavia.

Solita Snowflake Partner Elite logo

Rare recognition of world-class expertise

There are only seven Snowflake Elite-level Service Partners in Europe, and a little over 30 worldwide. Solita has almost 50 certified Snowflake professionals and an extensive repertoire of successful customer deliveries. Together with Snowflake Solita has been able to build resilient data capabilities that drive innovation and growth.

“We humbly accept Snowflake’s Elite recognition. It is a great thank-you to our experts for their continuous and dedicated passion to master cutting-edge data and cloud technologies. We are proud that Solita and the Nordic countries can show world-class expertise and examples of successfully helping businesses to become more data-driven,” commented Ossi Lindroos, CEO of Solita.

“The data era has just begun, and the next few years will be a fast-paced race for companies to find the best ways to collect, manage, share, and leverage data in their business. For Solita, this will mean both very inspiring customer projects, as well as positive business opportunities.”

Forerunners of the data industry

With technological development, companies now have more data at their disposal to collect, use and leverage. The data-driven possibilities in e.g. product development and manufacturing as well as in business and services development are unlimited. To speed up their data-driven operations, many companies are now choosing to leverage cloud in their data solutions. Solita has one of the largest teams of data consultants, data scientists and data engineers in the Nordics, helping companies take advantage of the most forward-looking technologies, such as the Snowflake Data Cloud.

”We are very happy to recognize Solita as the first Elite Services Partner. Together we will continue to help our customers speed up their data transformation with proven technologies and modern ways of working”, commented Dan Öhlander, Regional Vice President for Snowflake.

Snowflake Data Cloud is a cloud-native solution for data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, data science, data application development, and securely sharing and consuming shared data. Solita can add to that the Snowflake-compliant Agile Data Engine that helps automate the development and operation of the data platform and thus working as the DataOps Cloud. Both the Data Cloud and DataOps Cloud are compatible with a variety of cloud platforms, including Google Cloud Platform, AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Snowflake, which has grown rapidly in recent years, grew by more than 100 percent to $1.1 billion in the full year of fiscal 2022.

In addition to services related to data platforms and management, Solita’s range of services includes e.g., strategic consulting, service design, software development, AI and analytics solutions, and managed cloud services. Employing over 1,500 professionals, Solita continues to grow steadily in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Belgium and Germany. Read more about Solita’s company culture and vacancies.

For more information:

Solita, CEO Ossi Lindroos, tel. +358 40 750 7637, [email protected]

Solita, Business Lead, Data Platforms, Vesa Hammarberg, tel. +358 40 732 2224, [email protected]

Snowflake, Regional Vice President – Nordics, Dan Öhlander, tel. +46 72 216 2281, [email protected]

Solita is a fast-growing digital transformation company driven by tech, data, and human insight. Founded in 1996, we help businesses and societies reinvent themselves with impact that lasts. Our services range from strategic consulting to service design, digital development, data, AI & analytics, and managed cloud services. We are a community of over 1,500 professionals in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Belgium, and Germany.

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