Digital convergence essential for business growth

Published 17 Jun 2022

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The more technology and digital solutions an organisation has, the greater the need for it to make various technologies work together – known as digital convergence. “When you have a holistic view of technology and understand its context in your business, it opens up new opportunities and increased growth”, says Carl Tivelius, Marketing Manager at Solita in Sweden.

Recent years have seen an explosion in the development of technologies; the number of systems is increasing and the need for system interoperability is becoming greater and greater. Combined with an exponentially increasing volume of data, the situation frequently becomes complex.

Becoming digitally convergent opens up a range of new opportunities for both companies and their customers. At the same time, though, successful digital transformation requires more than high-tech systems. It requires knowledge, purpose, and a clear strategy to successfully expand and future-proof a business.

“Digitalisation promises efficiency and business growth, but if you invest in a narrow technology-driven development without a clear link to the business strategy, its promise will not materialise”, says Carl Tivelius.

Your IT department needs to use the data and technology available to open up opportunities. What business value can this bring?

I think that part of the future role of data and technology will be facilitating and guiding business development.

Digital convergence – essential for business growth

A need for accelerated growth and increased efficiency among companies is driving digital convergence, explains Frida Carling, who heads Solita’s data unit in Sweden.

“At Solita, we have gathered the essential knowledge on how increased digital convergence can create value. From streamlining the IT landscape to scaling digital solutions and accelerating growth, we help our clients along the entire journey. The human aspect is important in the transformation process. How do you involve your whole organisation? Many start-ups are already digital natives, and in Sweden we are at the forefront. This provides different conditions for digital convergence. For a tech company built during an era when data was taken for granted, digital convergence comes naturally.”

Data management – in particular, important data – lies at the heart of digital convergence. 

The flow of data will only continue to increase and, as with all information, it is most valuable when used in the right context. Frida Carling highlights the importance of viewing data as a means, rather than an end.

“Working with data is not an end in itself – it is a tool to achieve what you want to achieve with your business.”

“The winner is the one who understands how digital technology should interact and how it can lead to increased growth and efficiency for your company”, Carl Tivelius adds.

This article was originally published in Swedish in DI Digital 21 March, 2022.