Data solutions for the energy sector give Belgians more autonomy

Published 24 Jun 2022

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A survey of Belgian consumers shows that 83.6% are concerned about energy prices. Only 19.5% use a smart energy meter. Even fewer use smart energy appliances. “Smart energy appliances, such as smart thermostats, allow for substantial savings whilst maximizing comfort,” says Fernando Polonia from Solita.

Fernando knows what he is talking about when it comes to optimising data usage within the energy sector. Finnish technology company Solita already applied its skills at Fortum, the leading energy company in Finland. They were looking for a better way to use retail customer data in the energy sector to develop customer segmentation and new services.

Solita updated its customer data warehouse into a more flexible and supportive tool for business needs. The result? The new data warehouse and the Agile Data Engine (ADE) together form a strong foundation for Fortum’s future data capabilities and building a data-driven business. ADE is intended for the implementation and operation of cloud-based data warehouses. It uses the DataOps model to automate repeating steps, allowing changes to be introduced in the production environment at a quick pace. Data from multiple sources can be integrated and modelled, allowing for easy and quick solutions to be built according to the needs of different units and functions.

For the companies of the future, the ability to use data in a versatile way is the foundation of success. This will enable them to create new business models, services, and activities. So is there a demand for automation and data solutions from the end consumer in the Belgian energy sector? Absolutely. In a survey of 1,000 Belgians, representative of language, gender, age, and degree, 41.5% said they were interested in a smart energy meter. This offers a lot of insights for both end consumers and energy companies. Due to the enormous amount of data in the Belgian energy sector, there are many opportunities to provide data solutions.

That is where Solita comes in. Technology, data, and design company Solita is the first company in the Nordic countries, Belgium and Estonia to receive the recognition of Snowflake Elite Service Partner at the highest level. This rare recognition was given to Solita based on their extensive and high-quality expertise in data solutions, successful enterprise-level customer solutions, and the scale of the cloud-based data business.

“Smart data solutions are the foundation for the businesses of the future,” says Soliman Salmi from Solita.

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