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Digital transformation broadens the perspective beyond individual companies and technologies. It changes the business processes, customer relationships and ecosystem dynamics of the sustainable transport and mobility industry.

Solita Mobility helps companies to excel in this change by combining digital, organizational and ecosystemic transformation.

Domain expertise

We have the most extensive expertise in the Nordics on creating user and data-driven mobility solutions. With our clients, we operate on land, at sea and in the air, to harness data for better services and value for the whole ecosystem.

Our key themes

Data ecosystems

A new mobility ecosystem will be built on data.

Forming seamless mobility services necessitates integrated solutions and sharing data in real-time within the ecosystem.

  1. Data storaging, easy data utilization and sharing capabilities
  2. Data connectivity through defined open API’s
  3. Developing complex enterprise and interorganizational data integration solutions
  4. Fostering platform and data economy

We are building the transport system of the future. The ecosystem creates the enablers for the development of world-class mobility and logistics services. Our fuel is traffic data.

Advanced data and analytics

Data should be in the core of your business and strategy.

Modern data technologies, methodologies and culture together drive the revolution.

  1. Designing and executing data strategy
  2. Improving people competences and fostering data-driven culture
  3. Developing data management and governance capabilities
  4. Providing business value driven analytics solutions utilizing multi-organisational data
  5. Powering your processes with machine learning and AI

Situational awareness

Modern customer centric mobility services rely on real-time situational awareness.

Multisource data fusion and processing creates new business dimensions and service possibilities.

  1. Fusioning of infrastructure and real-time traffic data
  2. Visualizing multisource transport data on modern UI
  3. Advancing business processes and operations through real-time data
  4. Automating processes for business efficiency

Read how we helped Fintraffic, FTIA and HSL to manage nationwide traffic and infrastructure by real-time situational awareness solutions.

Asset management

Future infrastructure management and transport services are built on seamless processes with inclusive real-time information of assets and conditions.

  1. Taking over infrastructure data through life cycle
  2. Developing asset management capabilities following national frameworks
  3. Improving people competences and data-driven culture within ecosystems
  4. Enabling and automating data flow to streamline processes and increase efficiency

Read how we helped FTIA to take over infrastructure information.

Solita is a main partner in the Finnish Velho and IHKU alliances.

Our clients

See our work

HSL Bringing all services under one roof
Case Solita and HSL: Bringing all services under one roof
The service has been well-received and very stable. also received the Grand One award for the best website.

Jari Läättä Project Manager, HSL

Case Fintraffic Fintraffic Eliminating excess computation – Data warehouse optimisation creates significant savings for Fintraffic
In addition to these savings, this means that we will have ability to refresh the reporting data more often than before. Up-to-date information is our most important tool.

Juha Smalin Head of Analytics, Fintraffic

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency Location-based analytics solution supports fairway planning
Case Solita and the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency: Location-based analytics solution supports fairway planning
The AIS analytics solution has brought us up-to-date data on the use of fairways and fairway areas. The data can be widely utilised in planning and development work Finland-wide.

Pekka Kinnunen Senior Officer responsible for analytics development, The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

Case Solita and Fintraffic Road Overview of all road traffic in Finland available in one place Fintraffic Road Overview of all road traffic in Finland available in one place
Solita’s work is important for the development of the entire transport industry.

Timo Nieminen Director of Business Development, Fintraffic Railway

Careers Join us to build a sustainable future with modern mobility solutions

We are constantly looking for new professionals with background in mobility industry for interesting projects to build future services with world-class technologies.

Read more about working at Solita and how you can really make an impact with your work.

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