HSL app – Get to grips with public transport

The HSL app is the first service that meets all the needs of public transport users: finding a suitable route, purchasing the right ticket and staying up-to-date on traffic flow. 

HSL app case

Thanks to its ease of use, the service is one of the most popular mobile apps in Finland, and it has become one of HSL’s most important sales channels. Launched and realised with React Native, the app is available to download free of charge for both iOS and Android devices.

  • +56 NPS +56 in a customer satisfaction survey
  • 1 million More than 1 million downloads in app stores
  • 100,000 More than 100,000 tickets sold per day

How it was created

HSL wanted a new app with a state-of-the-art user experience. All design solutions were to create real value for customers and, above all, work in people’s busy everyday lives. This could only be achieved through collaboration with the customers.

During the design process, the designers and customers investigated everyday travel situations, compared different user interface solutions and assessed the clarity of communications.

In addition to passengers, many parties from the HSL organisation and stakeholders were extensively involved in the design process. The communications, IT and customer service teams, as well as bus drivers and ticket inspectors, all worked together. The collaboration allowed us to take into account different needs and viewpoints to make the new service a smooth part of the everyday lives of not only the customers but also the service provider.

The app is easy to use. Even a grandmother like me has worked it out.

HSL app user

HSL app case
HSL app case
HSL app case

New strategic sales channel

In addition to assisting passengers who use public transport in the Helsinki metropolitan area, the app has also become a strategic ticket sales channel for HSL. The HSL app has reached its sales targets, and it is HSL’s most important sales channel. A mere six months after the launch of the app, a third of all 30-day season tickets for adults were sold through the app.

“The app is a handy package that gives you everything: tickets, routes and information.”

HSL app user

  • More than 20 inclusive workshops in the HSL organisation

  • Over 100 personal co-design interviews with HSL passengers

  • Beta testing with a limited group of users

A warm welcome from customers

As it is a service intended for the whole population, the aim was to make the app easy to use for all target groups. The Net Promoter Score of a customer satisfaction survey conducted in December 2018 showed that the service had achieved this goal. Customer feedback shows immediate satisfaction with the ease of use of the app, and customers would be happy to recommend it to others.

Open feedback from customers

“A really good and easy app. Even a country bumpkin like me can use it. Thanks!”

“The HSL app is fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. Keep up the great work. Every other city should follow this model.”

“Proof that good design and bureaucracy are not mutually exclusive”

“The best thing about the HSL app is that it really works and is really simple to use. Now I use it a lot, as just about everything I need is on this one app.”