Data management

The amount of data in business is growing hugely. Harnessing data for new value and new services requires effective data management – a strategy, architecture and methods to govern, model, store, integrate, enrich and prepare data for use.

Data management solutions

Data management and high-quality, reliable data are a core of modern digital services, IoT solutions and predictive analytics. With the help of our data platforms, data governance and master data management solutions, you can manage your data assets, and create a solid foundation for your journey towards a data-driven business.

Our experienced professionals help you to design, implement and develop data management solutions that meet your business needs. We utilise automation, modern cloud platforms, DataOps and market-leading technologies such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Snowflake and Semarchy to ensure you have the best value for your data and solutions.

Our data management services

Data-driven guide

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Master data made easy: Semarchy xDM as a Service

Data management is one of the cornerstones of modern data-driven business. Now you can build a solid cloud-based foundation effortlessly with our Semarchy xDM as a Service master data management solution. We will take care of all the details regarding infrastructure so you can focus on creating data solutions to power your business.

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