Crash Course on Modern data management

Perttu Salli Business Lead, Solita

Minna Kärhä Business Lead, Data Driven Business , Solita

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Date 15 Feb 2023

In this Crash Course on Modern data management you will understand why this area is growing in importance.

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  • How successful companies are transforming their way of working around data and what benefits that gives
  • Get insights into real customer implementations with governance frameworks, data catalogs and master data (MDM) solutions
  • Get tips and tricks on how to improve an organization’s data management practices

Modern data management is an approach that is designed to meet the needs of organizations with large data sets and complex data systems. It involves a comprehensive, enterprise-wide approach to data management that encompasses data policies and processes, data security and privacy, data quality, and data analytics. The goal is to ensure the quality, accuracy, confidentiality and availability of data across all parts of the organization. Modern data management also requires a structured framework, including data architecture, data management tools, and data governance processes. This approach can help organizations to effectively manage their data and maximize the value of their data assets.

This Crash Course is meant for CIOs, IT Directors, IT Managers, Business professionals, Head of analytics, Data Scientists, Data Engineers and other professionals who want to learn more about the potential of modern data management.

Meet the speakers

Perttu Salli, Business Lead, Data Management, Solita

Perttu and the team are creating world-leading data solutions for our customers at Solita. We are a technology, design, and strategy consultancy that helps organisations to use data and technology to create lasting impact.

With 20+ years of consulting experience and 100+ completed data projects, Perttu has been a trusted advisor for many customers in their strategic data initiatives. He has brought numerous innovative data solutions from idea to production. That’s why his ideas are battle-tested and there are a big number of real life examples. Perttu is passionate about speeding up all digital and data development for his customers. He does so by creating the core capabilities of a Modern Data Management, data-driven Enterprise Architecture and end-to-end governance.

Minna Kärhä, Data Strategy Lead, Solita

Minna is a data-culture ambassador and builder, who believes, that data literacy is a citizen skill everyone needs. She has over 20 years of experience from the intersection of business and data, building and leading teams, developing and transforming ways of working, utilising design thinking, and building a business driven, actionable data strategy that leads to concrete activities.

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