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Data catalogs

Data catalogs

Companies thriving for more data-driven business often struggle with similar challenges: What data do we have? Who uses the data and for what? Where is the data we need? Data catalogs can be the solution.

Data catalog is a core component of modern data management

Data catalogs are combining the power of Google-like search, a Wikipedia-like structure and automated self-learning for how data should be structured to generate the most value for the organisation.

Data catalogs have quickly become a core component of modern data management. A data catalog is a collection of metadata, combined with data management and search tools, that helps analysts and other data users to find the data that they need. It is a strutcured inventory of all data assets in your organisation, helping you to get more value of your data assets.

  • Higher productivity
  • Better business decisions
  • More efficient collaboration and community
  • Higher value and lower cost of data
  • Legal and compliance
  • Transparency and increased trust in data

Get value out of data

Implementing data catalogs is a step-by-step process and a business-critical change management project combined with the use of modern technology. We support in all steps from assessments to implementation, ensuring easy start and value for your business.

Data catalog assessment

  • Map data worker issues and opportunities
  • Define scope of and problems solved
  • Organisational design – defining roles & responsibilities
  • Build business case and support stage gate reviews
  • Define user cases and value proposition
  • Map and evaluate software options
  • Build PoC/pilot/implementation plan

Data catalog implementation

  • Interim product owner
  • Define the implementation plan and success metrics
  • Build use-case driven roll-out plan with key stakeholders & user teams, including change and communication planning
  • Define required new governance models or adapt the catalog implementation to existing governance models
  • Manage product backlog as an acting product owner
  • Develop playbooks & rules of engagement
  • Liaise with the software vendor for success programs

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Data is a critical asset for organizations. When managed as an asset, accurate data helps organizations to make smarter, better, faster decisions based on their data. This involves identifying, governing, organizing, locating, naming, and above all, understanding data. How to achieve this? By driving a successful data catalog initiative. Learn more and download our new guide.
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Broad expertise and experience to ensure successful data catalog solutions

We have experience from a number of data catalog implementations, from early phase assessments and evaluations to implementation and product ownership. Our technology partners include Alation and Collibra. We also have broad expertise and experience in implementing data platforms, developing data products and designing new data-driven services.

You will get:

  • Thorough understanding of problems and opportunities

  • A solution pattern that fits your organisation

  • Identified use cases, organisational set-up and implementation plans

  • A business case that justifies if a data catalog is right for your business

  • Metadata for strategic data assets captured systematically

  • Users onboarded and using the catalog as designed

  • Faster analytic workflows and richer outputs

  • Improved compliance in data utilisation

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