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Support and collaboration make our web analytics team thrive

Kim Siven Head of Web Analytics, Solita

Published 29 Sep 2022

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Web analytics is a growing business at Solita, and the journey we’ve had so far has been interesting and rewarding. We’ve had the opportunity to upgrade our customers’ online services, enhance the quality of data they gather, and improve the metrics and reporting. That enables our customers to make better decisions. 

The web analytics journey at Solita started about two years ago. Kim has been on board from the beginning and is responsible for growing the team and developing the services. Mirella joined the team a year ago, and our newest addition is Joonatan, who started in early May.

We help our customers to measure and improve their online services. It means that we support planning, develop KPIs, work with the testing and implementation of tracking pixels and events, and analyze the data. The goal is to help our customers to understand how their end users behave online and what can be learned and improved based on that knowledge. With the correct use of data and analytics, our customers can save time and money – and grow their online business.

Variety of work assignments

Our job is to ensure that the data that is being collected is reliable and accountable and that the analytics tools are customised according to business needs. We also help our customers to interpret the analytics by building dashboards and creating customised reports.

Sometimes we work on projects building new online services like websites, online shops, and applications. We also have long-term partnerships where we ensure that all changes to the web page are tracked accordingly, that user behaviour is constantly being monitored and that improvements are being made.

Sometimes we do audits, and part of our job is to understand how GDPR regulations and data security plays out correctly. We’ve also had cases where we’ve merged web analytics data with other data sources, like sales or customer data, to increase transparency and understanding of different impact ratios.

Case Mirka is one good example of the work we’ve done. Mirka is a leading surface finishing technology company, and Solita has worked with them in many areas. Our team contributed to the redesign of the former website by auditing the old website and updating the obscure web analytics setup into a structured and reliable collection of main KPI’s. We also added web analytics tracking to main platforms including web and mobile services. Since the launch, we have continued providing monthly analytics insights with further development suggestions.

Supportive and flexible teamwork

We all work in the capital region, combining office and remote work. Mirella works mainly from the office, while Kim and Joonatan work more from home. But we are actively connected in Teams and Slack, and we aim to have in-person team meetings around twice a month.

We work with our customers independently but actively support each other and exchange knowledge regularly. We have different backgrounds and strengths, which brings nice diversity to the team. Kim knows a lot about SEO, Mirella has recently finished studies in big data, and Joonatan has experience in online shops. We share a passion for problem-solving, and if some of us get stuck, we find solutions together. Giving and receiving support is an essential part of how we work.

We also collaborate across teams and work with many different stakeholders. Other teams from Solita often work with the customer, which means that we collaborate with developers, designers, and data experts. Cross-functional collaboration within Solita makes the information flow smooth and enables us to act fast.

Fast developing industry requires curiosity

The industry is continuously developing, and for us, it’s important to keep up to date. That requires curiosity and the ability to learn new things constantly. Problem-solving skills and a solution-oriented mindset are also crucial in our line of work. Since we work with a variety of different stakeholders, we need to be able to communicate with both tech and business professionals.

For us, it’s been rewarding to solve problems and get “aha moments” together with our customers. Seeing how companies benefit from our work and insights makes our work purposeful.

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