Feeling safe at work is good for people and the business

Anu Nokua Service Designer, Solita

Published 25 May 2022

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Feeling safe at work has a significant impact on innovation, motivation, and general well-being. By combining psychological safety with caring culture and stable business, Solita has done a great job in creating a work environment that fosters safety.

There are many ways to make people feel safe at work. At Solita, it starts from the onboarding experience, which we think is quite outstanding. It includes boot camps, simulations, and crash courses about different topics, and you’ll have plenty of time to go through all the onboarding materials. There is no way you’d feel lost or alone as a newbie.

Another important thing is psychological safety, being able to act and speak up without the fear of negative consequences. People here are open-minded, and the culture is generally open; this creates a safe space to share and engage with colleagues. Everyone is encouraged to share their views and express their opinions.

Values play a key role here too. Caring is one of Solita’s values, and it’s visible in many ways. We have a wide range of well-being and mental health services available – and they are widely used. Our safety nets are strong; the company does its best to catch you if you fall.

Solita also hires people who care; our recruitment does an excellent job there. It applies to our leadership and management; our People Leads are very good at seeing the human side in everything. All this makes Solita a safe and friendly place to work. You can show up exactly the way you are, and you will be included and accepted.

Stable company and great learning opportunities

Working in a reliable and established company also increases the feeling of safety. Solita is a stable company with a comprehensive customer portfolio from many industries. We are not dependent on one industry, which helps navigate turbulent times like the global pandemic.

Some of us have also seen the start-up world, where the company’s future is always insecure. While Solita is stable and doesn’t have this problem, it has managed to maintain a “small company” feeling. Solita hasn’t turned into a bureaucratic or uninspiring corporation.

Working with a wide client base also means plenty of growth and learning opportunities. Solita actively encourages us to push the envelope by learning and trying new things. Safety also comes from the knowledge that we can develop our skills and maintain our value in the job market.

Safety is a prerequisite for well-being and innovation

We believe that creating a culture that fosters safety contributes to well-being and innovation. Commitment and motivation are a two-way street: you are more willing to do your best at work when you feel safe and cared for.

We also think that safety plays a vital role in innovation, a feature that is crucial to our business. If we want to innovate, we need to be able to try new things, fail quickly and learn as we go. This requires a safe environment where the company has your back no matter what. If someone wants to try new technologies, it’s encouraged. If it doesn’t work out, at least we’ve learned something.

Solita is also good at supporting people in pursuing their passions – even if they are not work-related. One of our colleagues wanted to do volunteering to support Ukrainians in this terrible situation, and Solita offered resources without hesitation. We have many smaller communities within the company around different interests and passions – everything from cooking to gaming. Having the freedom and space to mix your passions with work makes Solita a unique place to work.

We are constantly looking for new colleagues to join our caring community! Take a look at our open positions!

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