New online store attracts customers

Solita case Motoral New online store attracts customers

Motoral is a Finnish wholesale business with products including automotive spare parts, accessories, specialty wheel rims, car paints and drinks vending machines. Motoral wanted to renew their e-commerce solution for business-to-business service station customers in line with contemporary expectations. With Motoral, we concepted and implemented a new, modern and attractive online store to better serve customers and increase Motoral sales.

Motoral’s sales to service station customers used to be mostly by phone, email, and personal visits by regional sales managers. The legacy online shop was old-fashioned, difficult to use, limited to basic product information, did not attract users, and it handled very few customers. Together with Motoral we started to create a new e-commerce solution.

Over 20,000 products and much more accessible content

The concept for the new online store was to provide rich product information, as well as current and useful content relevant to service stations. Motorals’s online store has over 20,000 items. Users are offered a comprehensive product range and product data, plus additional business and product related content, such as promotions, product articles, videos, events and brand pages.

Ordering is easier and faster

Quick and easy ordering specifically for the B2B trade is highlighted by supporting features, such as giving customers their own assortment, and instant ordering and re-ordering. The customer service-oriented design also gives customers a new, dedicated, customer-specific view, with options to track orders and deliveries.

A prototype based on the concept was implemented as a usability test for service station customers. User interviews and test findings supported the underlying concept and, based on customer feedback, features were added to speed up ordering, such as a barcode reader.

A good user experience leads to more sales

We implemented the planned concept with Optimizely technology. The new online store is modern and attractive. It provides customers with a fast and easy way to order products. Customers get faster and more accurate information about products, as well as other useful and interesting content. Each customer’s own orders and delivery details are easy to access within the same service.

The new online store is responsive and available across all devices. The easy and intuitive user experience also supports Motoral’s business objectives, such as increasing transaction frequency, average purchase and total sales volume. The whole sales process is more straightforward and efficient, and sales targets and metrics are easier to plan.

“Renewing our e-commerce was a major step for us and part of a new mode of operations and sales model. We wanted to involve our customers from the beginning in our online store and build a sales channel that would be as effective as possible. Our collaboration with Solita went well. The online store has had good feedback and we are continuously developing it based on new needs and feedback,” says Motoral CEO, Pasi Berggren.


  • Increased sales

  • More than 20,000 product listings with comprehensive product information

  • Customers can see their own orders and deliveries in real time

  • Enables modern digital marketing