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Experienced Data Scientist

We are currently looking for an experienced Data Scientist to join our Data Science & AI team in Finland.

At Solita Data Science & AI community, we support our clients during their whole AI journey – from the very beginning of ideation all the way to scaling the utilization of AI across the organisation. We also take a holistic view to business problems, and see that in addition to technical skills, for instance consulting skills and design thinking methods are crucial to identify the problems worth solving, and how best to solve them. In cross-disciplinary teams we develop solutions that harness the potential of AI, Large Language Model (LLM) & Machine Learning (ML)technologies, generate value for the end users, and deliver sustainable business impact for the client. Generative AI is one of our main areas of focus. 

What would it be like? 

As a Data Scientist, the core of your work is to understand the business problem to be solved, explore & prepare data, and to work with ML/LLM/AI models & algorithms. In practice, you get to apply machine learning & optimization methods and LLMs in different projects focusing for example to  

  • identifying maintenance needs in advance 
  • forecasting demand of products or services 
  • recommending pricing level of product or services 
  • providing virtual AI assistants to help customer service, HR, billing, sales, etc. teams in their work   

We want to work with our customers to implement solutions that actually end up in use, thus providing real added value for our customers and end users. No matter how excellent the machine learning model, no one is happy about it if its results are hard to interpret or complicated to use.  

As a Data Scientist you work hands-on in customer projects, together with customer representatives and Solita colleagues – for example, ML Engineers, ML Architects, AI Designers, Data Engineers, Cloud Engineers, and Software Developers. Together you help our customers to get the most out of machine learning, LLMs & AI. 

What we’re looking for?  

  • You have experience from developing production-ready and robust ML and AI systems together with, for example, ML Engineers  
  • You are able and find it meaningful to spar and guide our clients in the role of a consultant and you are happy to work as a team member. 
  • Experience with Machine Learning, Statistical Learning Theory, LLMs & Generative AI, Computer Vision, Optimization, Deep Learning, or Reinforcement Learning.    
  • You master Python programming and understand that software development is a natural part of the work of a Data Scientist. 
  • You know how to work with databases and know SQL at least at a basic level. 
  • You master the basic principles of MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) and are able to support teams in taking models into production 
  • You have hands-on experience with either Azure, GCP, or AWS 
  • Experience in or strong interest to learn relevant technologies and tools, such as Databricks, Azure ML Service & Azure OpenAI Service, AWS Sagemaker & Bedrock, GCP Vertex AI, etc. 
  • You don't shy away from participating in data processing and building data pipelines either, even though your main focus is on doing Data Science. 
  • You are also happy to mentor and share your expertise with other team members and Solita employees. 

We value experience in project work and consulting in the customer interface. What matters most is your desire to grow your know-how along with the ever-developing IT industry. 

What is Solita like as an employer? 

Solita is an IT consulting company with Finnish roots, and we also have offices in Europe. Our consultants work with Finnish and international projects. 

Our values are caring, easy-going, courage and passion. Our employees have chosen those themselves, and maybe that's why we can see and feel value-based actions every day. Here are a few examples: 

Caring: Our culture has been created in a way that you can easily get support in difficult situations from the entire work community, not just from your own project team 

Easy-going: Even though we are already quite a large company, the atmosphere is cosy and relaxed, and the hierarchy is low. 

Courage: We build genuine partnerships with our customers. This sometimes requires courage to disagree with the customer and say it out loud as well. 

Passion: At Solita, work is done with great passion, but having fun at the same time. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work. 

Got interested? 

We would love to hear from you! Please send us your CV, a link to your LinkedIn profile and/or write an application letter. We will be in touch with you soon! 

For more information about the position, please contact Suvi Ohtonen (Talent Acquisition Manager). If you prefer to send an email, our addresses are in the format firstname.lastname (at) 


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