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Let your data scientists focus on data science

Open source technologies such as R & Python bring great power to your analytics and data science team. Posit provides a professional data science platform where your analysts and data scientists can develop and share data products in a scalable and secure way. Posit supports both R & Python and has great language interoperability, which means that your analytics professionals can use the language of their choice. Putting a data science project into production has never been easier. As Posit Full Service Partner, our experts help with getting started, development, training and support of Posit.

Leverage the data tools you already have

Posit’s Enterprise Software is an excellent complement to your business intelligence tools such as Tableau and Power BI and is a natural step for anyone wanting to get started with advanced analytics and data science.

Solita – Posit Full Service Partner

Solita is a Posit Full Service Partner. We can support you in getting the most value from your Posit’s professional products. We’ll assist you in installation, administration and getting your team started with using Posit. We have a long experience in helping clients harvest the power of open-source technologies and regularly do training for companies in various industries.

Posit Enterprise Software

The Posit Data Science Platform – Posit Team – consists of three products  

  • Posit Workbench

    In Posit Workbench, your Data Scientists can launch their favorite IDE, such as RStudio, VSCode, or Jupyter, and get started doing Data Science in the programming language of their choice. With Posit’s professional drivers you can set up secure connections to any database. You can run Posit Workbench in the cloud or on your own infrastructure.

  • Posit Connect

    A content hub and execution engine for all your data products. Putting a data science project into production has never been easier. Publishing your data product is only a push-button away.

  • Posit Package Manager

    Posit Package Manager is a repository management server to organise and centralise R and Python packages across your team, department, or entire organisation. Get offline access to CRAN and Bioconductor, share local packages, restrict package access, find packages across repositories, and more. Experience reliable and consistent package management, optimised for data science.

Our experts help you with Posit

Installation and administration

  • Posit Full Service Partner
  • Long experience with cloud solutions

Getting started

  • Our data science consultant helps your team get up to speed
  • Migrate models and analysis to R & Python


  • We help you integrate with any data source
  • Assist in building data science products such as predictive models, custom web applications (Shiny/Dash), automated reports, and more.

Support and training

  • Training
  • Programming best practices
  • Knowledge sharing

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