RStudio’s new name Posit will make life easier for Data Scientists

Filip Wästberg Data Scientist, Solita

Published 16 Nov 2022

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RStudio has now changed its name to Posit. RStudio is probably most known for its open-source R integrated development environment, also named RStudio. What some of you may not know is that the company RStudio, now Posit, also has a suite of enterprise products. RStudio/Posit has quite a unique business model where they use revenue from their enterprise products to fund open-source development.

I’ve long been a fan of RStudio’s (now Posit’s) professional products. Many Data Scientists struggle with getting their work into production. Instead of spending time on data analysis Data Scientists tend to spend time on orchestration tools, containerisation, or trying to figure out what cloud functions to use. These aren’t unimportant subjects, but in the initial face of a Data Science project, you just want to schedule something or build an application that you can share with stakeholders. Doing this early is crucial to keep momentum in Data Science projects.

With Posit’s enterprise products you just click on a publish button in the IDE of your choice (RStudio/Jupyter/VSCode) and publish your Notebook, application, or API to a production server (Posit Connect). Done. It is there for your organisation to use. There is of course a lot of complexity you can add on top, but the ease in which you can get started is the main strength of their Posit’s software.

Up until two-three years ago RStudio had, for obvious reasons, focused on the R community. But in recent years their products have gained support for Python. A lot of organisations have leveraged this, but the name RStudio has always been a bit confusing. Renaming RStudio to Posit will mean that the excellent open-source team at Posit will widen their focus and start looking at how Python can be improved for Data Scientists. I don’t think that this will mean that they forget R users, they will simply do more.

The good thing about Posit is that it is a software developed with the Data Scientist in mind. We can use the tools we like, be it RStudio, Jupyter, or VSCode, and use their platform to get stuff done. So in the end, I believe that renaming from RStudio to Posit will make life easier for many Data Scientists.

Solita is a Posit Full Service Partner. We can support you in getting the most value from Posit’s professional products. We’ll assist you in installation, administration, and getting your team started with using Posit. We have a long experience in helping clients harvest the power of open-source technologies and regularly do training for companies in various industries. Read more about how we can help you get started with Posit here.

Posit’s professional products

Posit Workbench

In Posit Workbench, your Data Scientists can launch their favorite IDE, such as RStudio, VSCode, or Jupyter, and get started doing Data Science in the programming language of their choice. With Posit’s professional drivers you can set up secure connections to any database. You can run Posit Workbench in the cloud or on your own infrastructure.

Posit Connect

A content hub and execution engine for all your data products. Putting a data science project into production has never been easier. Publishing your data product is only a push-button away.

Posit Package Manager

Posit Package Manager is a repository management server to organise and centralise R and Python packages across your team, department, or entire organisation. Get offline access to CRAN and Bioconductor, share local packages, restrict package access, find packages across repositories, and more. Experience reliable and consistent package management, optimised for data science.

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