Towards the banking services of the future – Solita as Savings Banks Group’s cloud partner in a giant project

Published 15 Aug 2023

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Savings Bank Group will launch a major business development project aimed at streamlining the customer experience by integrating in-person and digital services more seamlessly than ever. Solita will be the cloud partner for the largest investment in the history of the Savings Banks Group.

Solita will continue as the cloud partner of Savings Banks Group in the company’s most significant banking service environment renewal. During the next few years, Savings Bank Group will modernise its lending system, build a new customer relationship management system and harmonise related processes to provide increasingly smooth, transparent and quick services for their customers in the future. The first-stage deployment of the systems will take place gradually by the end of 2026.

Solita is responsible for the secure delivery of Savings Banks Group’s cloud infrastructure services in the Microsoft Azure environment. Solita is responsible for the provision of the cloud infrastructure for the lending system in cooperation with Samlink. Other partners in the large-scale development project, which will streamline banking transactions, include Tietoevry and twoday.

“We are proud to be involved in developing future banking services for the Savings Banks Group that exploit the new opportunities of cloud technologies securely and in accordance with industry requirements, and offer Savings Bank customers the best user experience in the industry, regardless of the service channel,” said Karri Lehtinen, Senior Vice President of Solita cloud services.

A secure leap from legacy banking systems to the cloud

The Savings Banks Group is among the first banks in Finland to upgrade its digital services to the Microsoft Azure cloud environment. Highly regulated banking services and lending systems still operate largely on IT systems built decades ago in traditional mainframe and data center environments.

“We are launching the largest investment in our company’s over 200-year history to enable us to react more quickly to changes in customer needs. However, this is not merely an IT project, but rather a business renewal effort across all of the banks of the Savings Banks Group that will lead to smoother daily life for both customers and our employees,” says Karri Alameri, CEO of the Savings Banks’ Union Coop in a press release by Savings Banks Group.

Audited and award-winning cloud expertise

Solita’s cloud expertise has been awarded the rare Microsoft Azure Expert MSP certification. The company’s Azure expertise has also been recognised more widely. The company also has extensive experience in the agile development of digital services in highly regulated environments such as banks and healthcare.

Solita has developed solutions for managing and automating cloud services, and its Solita CloudBlox® suite of services is used in multi-vendor cloud environments to manage capacity, costs, compliance, security and application operations.

In addition to Microsoft Azure, Solita also supports its customers in the deployment of cloud technologies such as Google and AWS, as well as in the ongoing development and operation of services. Solita’s cloud development and operation service offering is complemented by Solita’s software development, data analytics and integration service expertise. In addition to Säästöpank, Solita’s cloud customers include Terveystalo, Tamro, Duodecim and Ponsse.

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