Solita’s new Chief HR Officer Outi Sivonen: Towards a more humane working life for all

Published 13 Jan 2022

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Outi Sivonen, previously responsible for developing Solita’s competence development, leadership development and employee experience, has been appointed Chief Human Resources Officer. Operating in six countries, Solita’s goal is to build a caring and autonomous working culture that aims for a more humane working life for all.

Outi Sivonen, Senior Vice President, Competence and Leadership Development at Solita, has been appointed Solita’s Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) as of January 1, 2022. Sivonen succeeds Esa Rauhala, who will continue working for Solita in a new position. Sivonen has been a member of Solita Group’s Leadership team since 2021.

With more than 1,300 employees, Solita is one of the fastest growing technology companies and is known for its people-oriented culture, which emphasizes humane leadership and caring, easy-goingness, and strong autonomy. The company, which continues to internationalize, currently operates in six countries.

“It’s inspiring to take on the challenge in a company where company culture and holistic leadership of people are at the center. At Solita, it is great to see real commitment to doing things together with a “we before me” mentality, understanding diversity, and leveraging the new kind of working life skills, which also increase value creation in customer relationships as part of our technological know-how,” describes Outi Sivonen.

“For example, remote working, multi-skilled teams built according to customer needs and operating from many countries bring both opportunities and challenges. We are living amidst a cultural revolution and a turning point in working life, and it is great to get to seek new practices together.”

A more humane working life for all

Solita’s working methods include a high degree of autonomy combined with the culture of caring. The company’s aim is to build opportunities for experts to work the way they want, when and where they want, without forgetting the shared responsibility of building the community, team and results, as well as taking care of their own well-being and that of their colleagues. The company also invests significantly in competence development.

“In a growth company, balance is important – nurturing our common history, but also building new, shared memories. Experiencing autonomy and caring – the key elements of our culture – are currently assessed to a very high level among the people of Solita, and we want to continue to cherish this. The individual’s freedom is balanced by our communities, which we want to support in many ways also going forward. Understanding diversity and balancing the needs of both the individual and the community are at the heart of future working life,” says Outi Sivonen.

Outi Sivonen has extensive experience in the HR functions of an international company and has held HR leadership positions previously for example at Finnair and Telia. Outi Sivonen joined Solita in 2019 to lead the company’s culture and employee experience development.

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