Solita unveils 2024 public speakers on technology, data, design, and leadership

Published 07 Mar 2024

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Are you looking for great speakers related to topics on technology, data, design, or leadership? Look no more. Solita, one of the leading European digital transformation companies, has released a list of public speakers, including almost 50 speakers on a multitude of topics, with a majority of women.

Solita has released its public speaker list for 2024, with a diverse list of speakers listed on topics covering, for example, technology, data, AI, design and strategy, growth, and leadership.

Advocating for gender diversity in tech

Solita wants to challenge all tech companies to join in shining the light also on their female talent. The company, which currently employs over 2,000 tech professionals in Europe, was recently awarded as the world’s third-best workplace for women in the Women in Tech Global Awards 2023. During the last few years, the tech industry has woken up to the need to have more diversity and find more female spokespeople, even to the extent of ‘inventing Anna’ – the case of Anna Boyko: Making up non-existent female speakers to show more diversity in tech conferences. 

“We are super proud of having world-class expertise in our company, no matter the gender. With our list of speakers, including many outstanding female speakers, we want to make it easy to find also female public speakers in the tech industry, and we encourage all companies to join us”, commented Minna Pinola, Director of Communications at Solita. 

Speakers on technology, data, AI, leadership, and design

The list of over 40 speakers and professionals includes experts of:

  • Technology, data, and artificial intelligence (including generative AI)
  • Business and leadership
  • Design and strategy

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Looking for speakers for a tech event? Check out Solita’s list of public speakers.

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