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Speakers for conferences and events

Speakers for conferences and events

Real-life speakers

Here are some of our shining stars available for public speaking opportunities. We are super proud of presenting these world-class experts who are willing to share their expertise.

Are you looking for an inspiring speaker for an event? Please check out below for some alternatives on the following themes:

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Tech, data & AI

  • Anahit Pogosova

    Anahit Pogosova

    Lead Cloud Software Engineer, AWS Data Hero

    Full-stack and data solutions, cloud software engineering

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  • Anna Metsäranta

    Anna Metsäranta

    Head of Sustainable AI

    Sustainable use of data, analytics, and AI

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  • Minna Kärhä

    Minna Kärhä

    Business Lead, Data-Driven Business

    Embedding design thinking and service design principles to data, analytics, & AI development

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  • Lasse Girs

    Lasse Girs

    Head of Generative AI Enablement

    Generative AI, data and analytics, specifically focusing on the organizational aspects of becoming data-driven

  • Mikael Ruohonen

    Mikael Ruohonen

    Director & Business Lead – Data Science, AI & Analytics

    Data science, AI and analytics

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  • Satu Korhonen

    Satu Korhonen

    Machine Learning Engineer

    Machine learning, MLOps, Safe AI, Secure AI

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  • Niklas Liedholm

    Niklas Liedholm

    Management Consultant & Managing Data Scientist

    AI & data science, MLOps, data-driven transformation 

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  • Salla Westerstrand

    Salla Westerstrand

    AI Designer

    AI ethics, responsible AI, sustainable AI, data ethics, ethics in design

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  • Snurre Jensen

    Snurre Jensen

    Sales Director, Data & AI

    Guiding organisations through the maze of capturing value from data

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  • Karina Määttänen

    Karina Määttänen

    Data Engineer

    Switching careers into other fields, inspirational speech, woman in male-dominated industry, customer relationship management

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  • Juha-Pekka Joutsenlahti

    Juha-Pekka Joutsenlahti

    Data Catalog Lead & Data Advisor

    Data catalogs, data products, knowledge graphs, information modeling and semantics, enterprise modeling and digital twin of organization

    Contact Juha-Pekka
  • Sini Pessala

    Sini Pessala

    Data Engineer

    Localisation, internationalisation, multilingual solutions

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  • Maarten Roseleth

    Maarten Roseleth

    Data and Platform Architect

    Distributed vs centralised approach to data management, integration and connectivity architectures

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  • Tero Kallioinen

    Tero Kallioinen

    Principal Consultant, Value out of data and AI

    Creating value from data and AI, business-driven data & AI strategy, bottlenecks of data-driven business and more

    Contact Tero
  • Juho Friman

    Juho Friman

    Software Architect

    Programming and technology, agile IT-operations, DevOps

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  • Beata Kuśnierz

    Beata Kuśnierz

    Frontend Developer, Accessibility Specialist

    Digital accessibility, localisation/linguistics, making a career change – becoming an IT professional

    Contact Beata
  • Antti Virtanen

    Antti Virtanen

    Head of Security

    Security, hacking, building secure software

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  • Heikki Simperi

    Heikki Simperi

    Lead Cloud Architect

    Planning and executing cloud migration strategies and more

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  • Massimo Prencipe

    Massimo Prencipe

    Security Specialist

    Secure software development, Cloud security, threat modeling and more

    Contact Massimo
  • Simon Alen

    Simon Alen


    Full API Lifecycle management, developer ecosystems, digital transformation

    Contact Simon
  • Tero Peltola

    Tero Peltola

    Cloud Advisor

    Business-driven cloud transformation, cloud & value creation and more

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Let’s talk about

Business & leadership

  • Ossi Lindroos

    Ossi Lindroos

    CEO Solita

    Navigating growth and culture, reshaping industries and societies

    Contact Ossi
  • Outi Sivonen

    Outi Sivonen

    CHRO, author, speaker, board member, Thought leader of the Year 2023

    Humane work-life, diversity, leadership

    Contact Outi
  • Johan Torstensson

    Johan Torstensson

    EVP Solita Sweden

    Successful CIO, ensuring the digital sovereignty of the Nordics and more

    Contact Johan
  • Eva Sula

    Eva Sula

    Head of Defence and Security

    Defence, security, governments, healthcare, critical infrastructure, cybersecurity and digitalisation

    Contact Eva
  • Peter Barkman

    Peter Barkman

    EVP, international expansion

    Strategies for phases of growth from start-up to scale-up

    Contact Peter
  • Kati Kitti

    Kati Kitti

    Head of Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding

    Talent acquisition, recruiting, EB, DEI, business and organisational development, talent management, candidate experience

    Contact Kati
  • Kati Pääkkönen

    Kati Pääkkönen

    Competence & Knowledge Management Lead of Solita Lifecycle Services

    Consultative approach in IT business, leadership skills and more

    Contact Kati
  • Anni Janger

    Anni Janger

    Project Lead

    Project management, product ownership, scope management, courageous leadership

    Contact Anni
  • Mira Isomäki

    Mira Isomäki

    Organisation Coach & Transformation Designer

    Change leadership and change management 

    Contact Mira
  • Sanna Virkkunen

    Sanna Virkkunen

    Business Director, Solita Health

    Healthcare digitalisation and standards, leadership 

    Contact Sanna
  • Sofia Lauri

    Sofia Lauri

    Sales and Offering Development Manager

    Lifecycle Services, sales in diverse environments, grit in sales, career switch from social sciences to IT

    Contact Sofia
  • Satu Tano

    Satu Tano

    Director Lifecycle Services

    Customer relationship management, leading customer delivery teams, building up customer’s success and business value and more

    Contact Satu
  • Outi Waltari

    Outi Waltari

    Business Transformation Designer

    Process excellence/management and process-driven culture, operations management, process governance, LEAN, and more

    Contact Outi
  • Minna Pinola

    Minna Pinola

    Director of Communications

    Driving change and growth in tech with marketing and communications, how to become a better communicator and more

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Our spokepersons

Design & strategy

  • Sanna Rauhala

    Sanna Rauhala

    Senior Design Anthropologist

    Humans & technology, ethical & inclusive design, human insight & ethnography, culture & society and more

    Contact Sanna
  • Liisa Kontio

    Liisa Kontio

    Senior Service Designer & People Lead

    Human insight & human-centric design, medical device usability and design for healthcare, combining work and family life and more

    Contact Liisa
  • Antti Rannisto

    Antti Rannisto

    Insight Lead

    Applying social theory to business problems, design ethnography and more

    Contact Antti
  • Tiina Tošković

    Tiina Tošković

    Senior Service Designer

    Human insight & service design, co-design & experimentation, building design capabilities within organisations and more

    Contact Tiina
  • Lauri Kieksi

    Lauri Kieksi

    Strategic Digital Designer

    Digital strategies and digitalisation opportunities, combining data, design and technology and more

    Contact Lauri
  • Maiju Samberg

    Maiju Samberg

    Head of Design, Solita Germany

    Value out of data, data products, human-centric behavioural change, journey towards digitalisation and more

    Contact Maiju
  • Britta Boehler

    Britta Boehler

    Senior Project Manager

    IT transformations to cloud-first strategy, change management in projects and more

    Contact Britta
  • Marika Piispanen

    Marika Piispanen

    Strategic Digital Designer

    Digitalisation in the fashion industry

    Contact Marika
  • Mikko Väätäinen

    Mikko Väätäinen

    Transformational Excellence Lead

    Innovation performance, value from transformation initiatives

    Contact Mikko