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Published 14 Jun 2023

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Solita has strengthened its foothold as an expert in the transport sector in Finland by winning several significant tenders and delivery projects this spring. The most significant new cooperation agreements in the spring are the tenders of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, the traffic management company Fintraffic Oy and Helsinki Region Transport (HSL). 

Solita has invested heavily in the transport sector, which is of strategic importance to the company. More than 250 experts work on projects related to the sector on a daily basis. In addition to current, often long-term customer relationships, the company has won three major transport sector projects during the spring.

“Many thanks to our customers, with whom we have worked to advance the digitalisation and development of the transport sector. The tenders we have won in the spring confirm that our investments have been valuable from our customers’ perspective, and that we have succeeded in increasing our strategic expertise in the transport sector. We are now in a good position to continue our valuable work with the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, Fintraffic, HSL and our other customers in the transport sector,” says Mikko Varjos, Head of the Solita Mobility domain.

Long-term data analytics expert of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency has selected Solita as one of the framework contract suppliers of analytics development expert services for 2023–2025. Expert services focus on the development of analytics and reporting solutions and the analytics environment, as well as tasks related to quality consulting. With the acquisition, the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency aims for more extensive development and advances in the usability of data and in knowledge-based decision-making. For the last three years, Solita has been one of the key partners of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency in developing the use of data and analytics.

“Solita has worked as a framework contract supplier for the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency’s analytics expert services for several years and has played a prominent role in the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency’s system and data development. It is an honour to continue working as a promoter of the digitalisation of transport and to help the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency make even better use of information in decision-making and day-to-day operations,” says Aki Aapaoja, Solita’s Account Director for the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency.

The development of Fintraffic’s road traffic management is expanding beyond system boundaries

For slightly less than ten years, Solita has been developing the primary information system for Fintraffic Road. The system plays a key role in, for example, collecting essential road weather condition data and traffic volume data for traffic controllers. In addition, it controls changing speed limits, signs and safety device technology. With the new agreement, the development will continue and extend to a wide range of other operational systems critical for road traffic management.

“Solita’s strength lies in the long experience of its experts in road traffic processes and business needs, which enables the development of a system portfolio as a whole and taking future needs into account. The strategic utilisation of data in road traffic will also increase in the future, so understanding various sources of data, processes and business needs will play a key role. This will also enable Solita to carry out interesting new development projects in the future in the form of knowledge-based management and advanced analytics, for example” says Mikko Varjos from Solita.

Design cooperation for seamless traffic in the Helsinki region continues

The cooperation between the Helsinki Region Transport joint municipal authority and Solita in the field of design continues with the selection of Solita as one of the suppliers in the tendering process for HSL’s design framework system procurement.

Solita has been HSL’s main partner in the design of digital services for several years. In the extensive collaboration scheme, Solita has used design to create a modern customer-oriented mobile application concept and user experience, for example. The HSL application has been designed together with HSL’s customers and personnel. Service design and supporting tasks have been guided by HSL’s strategic goals and priorities, especially customer orientation, seamless travel chains, the sustainability of the transport system and economic efficiency.

“A diverse team of Solita’s experts has participated in the development of the services, including service designers, strategic designers, business designers, experts in customer understanding, UX designers and visual designers. Various service and business design methods have been applied very extensively in the work. It is great that we can continue to be part of this cooperation in the future,” says Antero Lundell, Solita’s HSL Account Director.

More cyber-secure transport services

Solita also won a significant tender for expert work related to HSL’s information security and data protection in the spring regarding the Helsinki Region Transport joint municipal authority’s cybersecurity expert services. The aim of the competitive tendering announced in December 2022 was to conclude a framework contract for the procurement of expert services with several service providers and thus ensure sufficient resources to produce expert work related to HSL’s information security and data protection. Solita was selected for two areas: administrative information security and technical information security. The purpose of both areas is to design, implement, evaluate and develop risk-based secure products and services for HSL’s users.

“It’s really great to be able to develop HSL’s information security as part of the Helsinki Region Transport’s expert organisation. Solita has a lot of experience of developing similar systems, which we believe will be of use in the project,” says Miika Heini, who is heading Solita’s information security services.

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