Solita receives the Semarchy Platinum level partnership as the only company in the Nordics

Published 12 May 2021

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The technology, data and design company Solita has achieved a Platinum-level Semarchy partnership. Apart from Solita, only two other companies in the world have achieved this rare, top-level partnership with Semarchy, which specialises in intelligent data management solutions. Solita is the only Nordic company that has been provided with this high level of partnership.

“This recognition means a lot to us and is a testament to our high level of investment and commitment to the partnership. Together with Semarchy, we have also succeeded in building a completely new kind of service package for companies, which has been well received on the market. Above all, the Platinum-level partnership tells us that our expertise is trusted,” said Mikael Ojala, Senior Vice President for Data, Solita.

The value of data to companies is constantly increasing, while they are striving to achieve visible results from the development of data management. Companies are now in dire need of modern, high-quality data management tools. The increasing exploitation of artificial intelligence and new data-driven business models means that companies need access to high-quality data that generates business value for them.

The demand and need for high-quality data are constantly growing. The Semarchy xDM tool enables reliable and agile use of data for companies. It also helps make data management easier and more transparent. The user interface is based on the same design methodology as Google tools and is, therefore, familiar, easy to use and scalable for mobile use.

“With our Semarchy partnership and know-how, we can help companies get the most out of data by building easy-to-use and secure data management processes. It’s great to help companies ensure they can trust their data and understand its significance better. They can rest assured that their decisions are based on reliable data,” said Ojala from Solita.

The quality of data varies greatly between companies. It is also true that the business processes of companies no longer only run on centralised ERP systems. This means that active data management is becoming increasingly important for business success.

Solita and Semarchy have been partners since 2018. Solita has more than ten significant Semarchy clients in the Nordic countries. The research company Gartner has listed Semarchy among the leading companies in its field.

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Solita, Mikael Ojala, Senior Vice President, Data, [email protected], tel. +358 50 919 3535

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