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Digital technology has forever changed the defence and security domain. The changes that digitalization brings to societies require modern and advanced approaches from the defence and security perspective, with the pace of civilian innovations considerably exceeding those of dedicated military research and design. 

These modern digital civilian and dual-use solutions are vital for the defence and security sector to keep up with the technology development.

Solita Defence and Security offers the responses, solutions and required cultural changes to the challenges you will face tomorrow. Our extensive expertise and experience ensure you are in the lead.

How we can help Our key themes

Achieve data superiority

Data forms the base for every operation. Achieve data superiority with us.

To succeed in the connected world, data collection is vital. And making sense of that data to distribute information value while maintaining confidentiality is at an ever-increasing pace. Solita helps to achieve these objectives by leveraging the most out of your data. We guide you through your data journey from the strategy to the end user.

  • Design your data strategy
  • Integrate your C5I systems in a comprehensive data platform
  • Leverage the power of cloud services in a secure way
  • Develop advanced analytics capabilities

Increase operational efficiency through autonomy

Effective use of autonomy brings increased capability and releases people to do what they do best

Technological advantages offer an operational edge but can also put more strain on the people making it operational. Advanced machinery requires timely maintenance and spare parts, unmanned systems need operators to direct them and the logistical chains are long and complex. Increasing autonomy ensures that your machinery serves you, not the other way around of requiring you to serve your machines.

  • Ensure continuous operations by predictive maintenance
  • Enhance the use of your assets through intelligent fleet management
  • Form autonomous swarms from your UxS fleet

Build trust in your AI systems

AI-powered decision support provides an operational advantage. But how to ensure you make the final decision?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are powerful tools when used correctly. But often, they are black boxes the end user knows very little about. In the critical application areas, decision-making needs to be controlled and transparent. Take ownership of your AI all the way from the strategic level to the very technical details.

  • Develop sustainable AI vision and strategy
  • Ensure transparency of autonomous systems while maintaining confidentiality
  • Create effective data and AI governance and operating models
  • Enhance trust in your AI solutions through human-centric design

Learn more in the white paper on AI based recommendation engines and users.

Master the information environment

Digital data flows are just the beginning. It is the semantic communication between people that matters.

The information environment is increasingly contested. People are targeted by dis- and misinformation, while hostile actors disrupt societal cohesion and the very nature of the democratic society is threatened. 

Detecting and countering the potentially harmful operations by adversaries is challenging and requires deep insight with a holistic understanding of society and the underlying socio-technical foundations.

  • Develop an understanding of your information environment
  • Collect the relevant information to power your analysis
  • Model societal phenomena into actionable insight
  • Create tools to manage your information operations

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