Solita Summit: Beyond Gen AI & hype: Foundations, applications and responsibility

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Date 24 Oct 2023

The Generative AI revolution is here but it’s time to go beyond the hype! While many of us are encountering its remarkable capabilities by crafting LinkedIn posts with the assistance of ChatGPT, as a business leader you might be tr(d)ying to comprehend how to leverage it to generate impact for your company using your data.

But how to keep your (business’) AI feet safely on the ground when the hype is real and screaming at you from the boardroom and internal town hall meetings? Where should you initiate the journey and what should be considered when exploring the possibilities of Generative AI?

Don’t miss the opportunity to understand how Generative AI solutions can endure the initial hype and withstand the test of time.

Watch the recording and hear:

  • Google will discuss the creation and the potential of Generative AI and share some key strategies to help you get this shift right and make sure you surf the waves of this transformation.

  • Lederne (Denmark’s largest professional organization for managers) has put AI in practice and will share real world examples and how they got there. 

  • Kela (the Social Insurance Institution of Finland) will share insights how they aim to tackle big social phenomena and combine foresight, innovation and strategy in a concrete way to create impact in the era of artificial intelligence revolution.

This event is tailored for business leaders in search of inspiration regarding the incorporation of Generative AI into their respective businesses. It is equally valuable for business developers, AI designers, and anyone keen on enriching their understanding of Generative AI – beyond the hype.

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