Recording: Solita Summit 2023

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Date 26 Apr 2023

See Solita Summit 2023 recording where we together with speakers from Microsoft, Finnair and Messe Düsseldorf take you to the future of application development and automation. 

Low-code platforms and AI-assisted development tools are rapidly accelerating the creation of applications, creating new opportunities for organisations to innovate and grow. Harnessing the power of automation may become a critical building block of the future’s competitive advantage.

To achieve this, organisations need to embrace new technology and adapt to new ways of working. However, to fully benefit from the technical advancements of automation, organisations must also support automation and build a culture that supports and cherishes the ideas of automation.

Hear from the experts and through customer cases:

The heroes and beneficiaries of the future are those who are willing to embrace new technology and leverage its power to drive innovation and growth. With the help of low-code platforms, AI-assisted development, and other advanced tools, the possibilities are limitless. Are you ready to seize the future? Watch the recording!