Power Platform morning coffee – Age of AI and future competencies

Jasmo Hiltula Head of Low-code, Solita

Jussi Roine North Advisors

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Location Online

Date 8 May 2024

Join us for an exploration into the current state and best practices of the Power Platform application development and future implications of Artificial Intelligence at our upcoming virtual morning coffee, crafted specifically for tech professionals and developers. The discussion is led by industry-leading professionals from Solita and our partner, North Advisors.

You can just enjoy the ride with a cup of coffee or take part in the conversation by sharing your experiences or asking questions from our hosts.

Discussion 1

Power Platform: Lessons learned and needed competencies – Jasmo Hiltula, Solita

In this session, we will dissect the current state of the Power Platform, drawing from real-world experiences to uncover lessons learned and best practices. Explore practical insights into building robust Power Platform solutions, optimising performance, and navigating common challenges. Whether you have just started or are a seasoned pro, this presentation offers valuable takeaways to enhance your Power Platform development journey.

Discussion 2

Power Platform and AI: Piloting for the Future – Jussi Roine, North Advisors

Generative AI has already changed the world. At times, GenAI produces results that feel like you’re talking to a 5-year-old, and a second later, it’s as if you’re getting unbridled knowledge from a brilliant professor.

In this session, we will explore the world of AI in Power Platform. You will gain insight into how AI capabilities can be integrated into Power Platform applications to automate processes, drive predictive analytics, and enhance user experiences. You will also discover innovative approaches to harnessing AI within the Power Platform framework.

This event is your opportunity to deepen your technical expertise in Power Platform application development and gain future insight into how AI will shape its capabilities.

See the recording and join us for this enriching deep dive! 

Watch the recording