Microsoft Fabric meets Power BI – How to enhance Power BI usage and governance

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Date 21 Nov 2023

Many organisations have adopted or planned to adopt Power BI as their business intelligence tool since it has a strong presence in the business intelligence market and a large portion of organisations have adopted it into wide use. Join our webinar to hear how to take the most out of your Power BI solution through enabling and empowering governance and support!

In this webinar recording, we will share our best practices on how to manage different types of Power BI developers and also give insight into what Fabric brings to Power BI administration. The key is to understand what the different stakeholders and developers need to achieve efficiently with Power BI as well as to understand how to foster data quality, better usability and wider collaboration. All of these increase the value your business gets out of your data and analytics investments. In addition, the tooling is improving all the time – join us also to hear the latest and greatest about the new Microsoft Fabric by Anna Ranta from Microsoft, especially in the context of enhancing collaboration and BI governance.

Join us and you’ll learn:

  • How you can identify different types of Power BI developers, what tools they need and understand the different roles for Power BI developers.
  • What Power BI features can help you manage the data quality and how you can help users find good data.
  • What are the tools to enhance report usability and manage collaboration.
  • What Fabric is bringing to Power BI administration.

This webinar is most suitable for organisations’ Power BI administrators and developers as well as people working in other BI and Analytics roles. The webinar is also suitable for Data Directors, CDOs and Data Architects who are responsible for Data solutions and governance.

Meet the speakers

Reeta Lempiäinen has worked as an Analytics consultant in Solita for four years and has focused in recent years on Power BI development. She is responsible for the Power BI partnership with Microsoft and acts as a facilitator for Solita Power BI Competence Community. Before joining Solita she worked for several years as an ERP consultant (Microsoft Dynamics/Finance and Operations).

Anna Ranta is a Technical Specialist in Data & AI with a rich 6-year tenure at Microsoft. Anna has honed her skills across various platforms including Power BI. Her journey in the tech industry has been marked by a constant thirst for knowledge, a deep passion for helping businesses unlock their potential through data, and a striving to leverage AI to drive innovation and growth.

See you on November 21!

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