Crash Course on Solving data bottlenecks with GenAI

Fernando Polonia Connected Data, Belgium, Solita

Radia Belhocine Data Science & AI, Belgium, Solita

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Location Leuven, Belgium or online

Date 23 Apr 2024

Whether you’re looking to enhance data quality, streamline integration, improve discoverability, ensure privacy and security, or optimise database knowledge extraction, this Crash Course is for you! Our Crash Course dives into these top data challenges that businesses face today and presents how you can tackle these with Generative AI. We’ve collected our insights and best practices from the field through customer collaboration and share our knowledge with you to enhance your data processes more efficient, better quality, faster and more meaningful way.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, data holds unprecedented value and significance. As companies strive to make informed, data-driven decisions, they must navigate the challenges posed by the increasing importance of data and the accompanying risks. This Crash Course is crafted to address these issues head-on, using the cutting-edge capabilities of Generative AI to pave the way for transformative solutions in a responsibly and effectively. We will introduce how GenAI presents an innovative approach to tackling these challenges showcasing real-life examples from our experience.

By attending this Crash Course you’ll learn GenAI-driven solutions for these universal data processing and development issues:

  1. Quality and cleansing: Achieving and maintaining high data quality is a critical challenge for every organisation. It’s essential for ensuring data integrity and reliability, which underpins informed decision-making and operational efficiency.
  2. Data integration: Overcoming manual bottlenecks in data mapping and integration is key to enhancing the performance of data operations and enabling seamless access to vital information across the organisation.
  3. Discoverability: Making data easily accessible and usable is a critical issue, especially in decentralised systems. It’s about improving how data is organised, managed, and retrieved, enabling stakeholders to efficiently find and utilise the data they need.
  4. Accessibility: Ensuring the right data is accessible to the right people at the right time is crucial. This involves simplifying interactions with complex datasets and facilitating intuitive access for non-technical users.
  5. Data privacy & security: Protecting sensitive data and ensuring compliance with evolving privacy regulations is paramount. Organisations must effectively safeguard data and monitor its usage to mitigate risks and maintain trust.

Our Crash Course on Solving Data Bottlenecks with GenAI is most suitable for business managers, technology and IT directors, and analytics leaders.Also data scientists and AI experts will most likely find this Crash Course useful. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to address these challenges head-on with GenAI and propel your data initiatives through the common bottlenecks. 

Meet our speakers

  • Radia Belhocine

    Radia Belhocine

    Data Scientist

  • Fernando Polonia

    Fernando Polonia

    Data Architect

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