Crash Course on Generative AI – journey from concept to value

Satu Korhonen Machine Learning Engineer, Solita

Jyoti Prasad Bartaula Machine Learning Engineer, Solita

Lasse Girs Head of Generative AI Enablement, Solita

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Location Online

Date 20 Sep 2023

Join us on the journey from the concept to value of Generative AI (GenAI). Starting from the basics, we shed light on the essential concepts and uses of AI and GenAI, while distinguishing between different types therein.

Hear about the real-world case study of the Tana Project to show how these powerful technologies can be used to improve customer experiences. 

This Crash Course recording covers everything from understanding the design process of AI to getting a hands-on feel of the deployment and testing of GenAI models. Furthermore, we go into the ethical, risk, and regulatory considerations of GenAI, wrapping up with a look into what the future holds for this exciting field. A lively Q&A session concludes the Crash Course, ensuring you walk away with a well-rounded understanding of GenAI.

See the Crash Course and learn:

  • What is GenAI and what are the trends and future directions of this field of GenAI?
  • What is the architecture of Generative models and what it requires from data?
  • How to create value with GenAI?
  • How GenAI can be utilised for improving CX via the real use case of Tana?

Meet the speakers

Lasse Girs is the head of Generative AI Enablement at Solita. He is focused on enabling Solita and its customers to get full value of generative AI capabilities in a safe and sustainable way, while also strategically looking at what these capabilities mean for the future of knowledge work.

Satu Korhonen is a Machine Learning Engineer at Solita in Finland with a mission to combine developers and business people in creating safe and robust machine learning solutions that bring long-term business value. She thrives with complicated problems with a plethora of necessary viewpoints to fill business needs while taking end-users into account. Her main goal is to build visions in a safe and robust manner.

Dr. Karthik Sindhya is a senior AI Strategist with a rich academic background, holding a PhD in the area of Computational Intelligence from the University of Jyväskylä. As a co-founder of Finnopt Oy, he played a pivotal role in developing the business from the ground up, delivering innovative analytics solutions to a diverse clientele. Currently spearheading AI including Generative AI projects at Solita Oy, Karthik is known for his ability to bridge the gap between cutting-edge analytics and real-world business applications. His work extends beyond the corporate realm; at the University of Jyväskylä, he delved deep into multi-criteria optimization and decision-making algorithms, contributing significantly to the academic community. He is also a passionate advocate for the practical and sustainable application of AI.

Jyoti Prasad Bartaula is a Machine Learning Engineer at Solita with a strong background in end-to-end machine learning production having successfully designed, developed, and deployed a diverse range of models, including recommendation systems, clustering algorithms, and classification models, into production environments.

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