Crash Course on Data catalogs

Diana Frisendal Business Lead, Data Management, Solita

Juha-Pekka Joutsenlahti Data Advisor, Solita

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Location Online

Date 7 Dec 2023

Enterprise-wide data catalogs are currently a hot topic for many organisations as the value of data discoverability and utilisation has been realised. Using the data product approach to enable data producers and data consumers to build working data supply chains is seen as a crucial factor for more efficient analytics and for operational excellence.

Many organisations are struggling with their data catalog initiatives to get the full business value out of them. Why is it so? Watch this Crash Course to learn the answers!

We will uncover the key bottlenecks and pitfalls that are preventing organisations from achieving successful data catalog from both technological and human/business perspectives. The learnings presented in the Crash Course are based on our experience from various data catalog projects – the ones with a technology-first approach and the ones with a design-first approach.

This Crash Course is best suited for business-, IT- and data practitioners who wish to understand what differentiates successful data catalog initiatives from failed ones. And people who wish to understand how to get started on the data catalog journey.

In this Crash Course you will learn:

  • Value creation opportunities that can be solved with a data catalog
  • What is the role of a data catalog in data productisation
  • How to create business-driven use cases to demonstrate the value of data catalog
  • What to consider when selecting a technology
  • How to run data catalog assessment in practice

Throughout the course, we’ll explore real-life examples from various industries to demonstrate how organisations have been able to successfully start their data catalog journey. 

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